Microsoft is now on a level playing field with the PlayStation 4

Microsoft today has some new ammunition in its fight against the PlayStation 4: a new starting price. The Redmond, Washington-based software/hardware company will soon offer the Xbox One without the bundled Kinect camera. As a result, the console by itself will be priced at $399, matching the price of entry for the Sony PlayStation 4.
The PlayStation 4 has maintained a sales lead over the Xbox One since its introduction late last year, but the tides could easily shift now that Microsoft is at pricing parity with its main rival.

The $399 Xbox One will go on sale June 9. Microsoft will still continue selling the Xbox One bundled with the Kinect camera for $499.

In other Xbox news, Microsoft also announced that Xbox 360 and Xbox One users will no longer need an Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to use Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go (among other services).

Source: Microsoft

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