Microsoft says the delayed approach is allowing it to work on content deals and more

Microsoft plans to launch the new Xbox One in the United States in November. However, gamers who live in Asia that are hoping to get their hands on the new game console later this year are out of luck. Microsoft has recently described a staged approach to launching the video game console around the world.

A staged approach means that the console won't be available in Asia until 2014, a year after it launches in the U.S. Microsoft says that it is working on ensuring a "great experience for customers" in Asia, including offering localized content. The console will be available in select Asian markets including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and India. Microsoft considers those countries high-growth markets.

Until Microsoft launches the new Xbox One in the aforementioned countries, it will continue to focus on marketing the current Xbox 360 along with an expanded games library on the current console. Microsoft also promises that gamers in Asia will be able to enjoy upgrades to the Xbox One designed specifically for them. Those updates include things like a Kinect motion sensor designed to be used with smaller room sizes common in Asian cities.

Microsoft is also justifying the higher price tag of the Xbox One in Asia by offering the ability to watch live and on-demand television programs. The fact that television programs and standards differ across Asia with restrictions that very across the continent is one of the reasons Microsoft points to for the late launch.

“We have deepened our relationship with Japanese publishers,” Alan Bowman, Microsoft regional vice president for sales and marketing in Asia, said. “This is absolutely key to our business.”

Microsoft's main competitor in the videogame market, Sony, recently unveiled its next-generation game console. The Sony PlayStation 4 undercuts the Xbox One by $100 and doesn’t have the DRM and used game restrictions that saddle its competitor.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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