Update began rolling out last night

Microsoft last night began rolling out a new system update for the Xbox One game console. The April system update brings with it several new features that have been beta tested over the last few weeks by a number of Xbox One users.
The system update brings with it a game save progress bar to show the status of the save games. Users will also be able to tell what games and apps are being updated or have been updated recently. Improvements to friends notifications let the user see when favorites and friends sign into Xbox Live. Friends that are in multiplayer will also be identified on the updated friends list.

Kinect voice and motion control has been improved with gesture functions tweaked to reduce the number of false positives on non-hand objects triggering gesture commands. Game DVR functionality has also been improved with new compression algorithms.
The Blu-ray player also now supports 50 Hz video output and a new video player update will be coming in the future to support that new output. Firmware updates for controllers and headset to reduce static are included.

Updates can also now be applied with a silent reboot and system update on demand. This allows consoles in InstantOn mode to be updated automatically and then return to standby mode when the update is complete. That feature eliminates the need for users to power on their console after an update from this point forward.
Microsoft’s last Xbox One update was released in early March.

Source: Major Nelson

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