Microsoft gives free XBLA game on fifth anniversary of Xbox Live

On November 15, Microsoft’s Xbox Live service will have been in operation for five years, now with “more than eight million members now actively engaged in the largest social entertainment network on TV.”

To celebrate the anniversary, Microsoft is giving all Xbox Live users the opportunity to download the XBLA game Carcassone free of charge between 12:01 A.M. PDT on Nov. 15 and 11:59 P.M. PDT on Nov. 16.

Microsoft will also be rewarding early adopters of its online gaming service. Every active member who joined the service in 2002 will receive 500 free Microsoft Points.

"In just five short years Xbox Live has revolutionized the way friends and family have fun in the living room," said John Schappert, corporate vice president of Live, software and services at Microsoft. "On its fifth birthday, Xbox Live truly is the place for hanging out with friends and enjoying downloadable TV shows, movies, videos, game add-ons, and now downloadable Xbox games on demand."

Yesterday, DailyTech reported that Microsoft will be introducing a new service for Xbox 360 gamers to download original Xbox games for play on their current generation consoles. Classics such as Fable and Halo will be available for 1,200 Microsoft Points, or around $15.

For more on Xbox Live’s fifth anniversary promotions, see the “Live is 5ive” website.

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