New Xbox 360 Dashboard  (Source: Engadget)

  (Source: Engadget)
Netflix service will begin this fall on Xbox 360

The second year of the pared down E3 Business and Media Summit in L.A. kicked off this week with Microsoft making some big announcements for the Xbox 360. Microsoft announced a new partnership with Netflix that allows the Xbox 360 to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix directly to your TV.

The new service is designed to complement the existing Xbox Live Video Marketplace says Kotaku, not replace it. One of the best features of the Netflix streaming service is that Xbox 360 owners who already subscribe to Netflix and have an Xbox LIVE Gold account will pay nothing more for the service.

Currently, the library of movies and TV shows that can be streamed numbers over 10,000. The streaming service is set to launch later this fall. To use the service, Microsoft say Netflix users will simply add TV shows or movies to their instant queues and the media will automatically show up on the Xbox 360. The media can be controlled via the Xbox 360 controller or Media Remote.

The Netflix service is a big component of what Microsoft calls the New Xbox Experience. However, there is more to the New Xbox Experience than the Netflix service. The Xbox 360 dashboard was redesigned to be navigable by those unfamiliar with the current blades interface the Xbox uses.

Kotaku says that the interface has reflections like those found in the iTunes Cover Flow album art. The navigation promises to give gamers a quick look at their games and content. The Guide will still be accessible in the same way from the Xbox 360 controller and promises to load faster even when there are lots of games in the library.

The Xbox 360 will get the ability to play games from the hard drive. That means players can rip disc-based games to the hard drive, the catch is that the original game disc has to be in the drive to play them. That means the only benefit is that the games are said to load faster.

Netflix subscribers considering buying the Netflix streaming box will want to give the Xbox 360 with its recently reduced price a serious look.

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