DivX would like to support the Xbox 360, should Microsoft permit

DivX Inc. announced yesterday that its video technology will be soon introduced to the PlayStation 3. While Microsoft has previously said that it “wasn’t a priority” integrating DivX support into the Xbox 360,attitudes in Redmond may be changing in order to compete with Sony’s system.

At a recent earnings call for DivX, CEO Kevin Hell revealed that the company is working with Microsoft in getting DivX support for the Xbox 360. According to a transcript of the conference call recorded by SeekingAlpha, JP Morgan analyst Paul Coster posed the question: “Just a minor point here, but there was a recent Microsoft conference where I believe their media extender now incorporates the DivX codec on it, is that correct? Can you confirm that and does that mean we’re soon going to see Xboxes with DivX on them?”

Hell then replied, “Yes! that, uh, we’re in discussions with Microsoft on that at this point in time, so I can’t go into any great detail on that. Um that is not a certified, that is not a certified or licensed product at this time.”

It appears that the folks at DivX would like to have its technology in the Xbox 360, but due to Microsoft’s restrictions and requirements surrounding anything that runs on its console, and Sony’s comparatively more lax policies, support for the codec will likely hit the PlayStation 3 first.

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