Xbox 360 Jasper revision offers more internal storage and lower wattage PSU

The holiday shopping season is in full swing and one of the most desired gifts on many lists is a new game console. Much like computers, the hardware inside the Xbox 360 goes through periodic revisions to make it perform better, fix bugs, and lower production costs.

In May of 2008, DailyTech first wrote about the Xbox 360 Jasper revision. The revision was expected in August of 2008 and would feature a new GPU among other things. Apparently, it took longer to get the Jasper revision consoles into the market, as they are just not showing up.

Xbox-scene has some images up on its site that shows the new Jasper revision motherboard out of an Xbox 360. Two Jasper boards have been shown on the site and both of them are Arcade machines. The power supply has been changed with a 25-watt reduction to 150W. The plug is different to prevent the new PSU from being connected to an older console.

The reduction in power is thanks to the more efficient hardware in the updated console. One change that was not expected with the Arcade console is the addition of a significantly larger onboard flash storage unit. Older Arcade machines had only 16MB of internal storage, not enough for the new Xbox Experience update to be applied to internal storage.

The new Jasper update has 256MB of flash onboard, plenty to apply the new update internally. Xbox-scene reports that the flash storage has 214MB left after required software for the console to operate is installed.

Reports have the newly revised machines are reportedly using two different types of RAM chips. Some boards use four RAM chips with two on top of the mainboard and two on the bottom. Some revisions of the boards use two higher density RAM chips and only have chips on the top of the board.

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