Gears of War wins over the critics

It appears that the Xbox 360's "killer app" has finally come to fruition. Gears of War has been hyped and bragged about for months now and many gamers had begun wondering if the developers were just trying to blow smoke. But as more and people got time behind the controller to play the game, it appeared that the game was indeed living up to the hype.

Well today with the official release of Gears of War, the reviews have been pouring in and they are all overwhelming positive with all of them stating that YES, this is THE killer app for the Xbox 360 platform. These are the ratings for the game from some of the top game review website:

IGN: 9.4/10
GameSpot: 9.6/10
1up: 100/100
TeamXbox: 9.6/10
DailyGame: 90/100
GameInformer: 95/100

Here's what 1up had to say about the game that they gave a perfect score:

Each stage is memorable. Even as I write this a week after beating the campaign, I can recall dozens of "oh wow" moments, like the first time I encountered the shrieking wretches (that horrible noise they make will haunt you for days). Or when the blind, hulking berserker was stalking me by sound and smell alone. Or the part where I was defending my old home from a Locust onslaught (it felt like a smaller scale, more domesticated version of Lord of the Rings' Battle of Helm's Deep). Or when I looked at the face of an apartment complex, and dozens of drones were firing at me through the windows, their muzzle flashes strobe-lighting the darkness like we were on a CNN newscast, live from some war-torn third-world country. Or the parts where I have to blow up propane tanks because staying in the light will keep the flesh-tearing Kryll at bay.... They all combine for an unforgettable adventure through 36 hectic, desperate hours of a group of soldiers' lives.

While I'm sure that just about every Xbox 360 owner out there is scrambling for their copy of Gears of War, don't forget to post your own thoughts on the game in the comments section.

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