Retail box with Target reciept for $479.99

eBay seller holding the elusive item
Target store breaks Xbox 360 Elite street date

The Xbox 360 Elite with its HDMI and 120GB hard drive aren’t set to officially launch until April 29, a lucky Chico, Calif. man was able to score one such console from a Target store. Pictures proving his purchase hit Photobucket and other various Internet forums.

Before long, the purchase made its way onto Internet auction site eBay, which the seller is advertising, “I have one BRAND NEW XBOX 360 Elite in my posession FACTORY SEALED!” and noting that the item is not a preorder and is ready to ship at the end of the auction. At time of publication, the Xbox 360 Elite sits at an $600 bid. The auction is set to end on April 23.

Assuming that the winning bidder selects the $99 next-day shipping option, the soonest he or she will have the still unreleased is on April 24, a full six days before the official launch.

Microsoft has not disclosed the number of Xbox 360 Elite units it plans to launch with, nor exactly if the console will be part of a distinct limited edition. The console, however, has apparently sold out of its initial allocation at Circuit City, who has replaced its preorder link with a “coming soon” button.

Update: A number of other 'early' Xbox 360 Elite consoles are now available on eBay, giving eager early birds a greater selection of worms.

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