An opened XBOX 360 plays a 1:1 copy of PGR3

Boot screen from the copied game
For those that are still skeptical

Well now it is pretty much official for everyone that either didn't want to believe or those that needed to see it to believe it.  A video of a the Xbox 360 firmware hack announced a few days ago surfaced earlier today with the following message (emphasis ours):

(Months of hard work have come to an end. The 360 FW security details were posted a few days ago already, so why not make it Official It's been done.

Respect to all the people on this board who made it possible with their brilliant contributions:
Just for fun, here's a little video: And no, the team decided not to release a hacked FW. The security details are proof itself. The team advocates hacking, not piracy.)

TheSpecialist and his team was able modify the DVD player firmware. Once the firmware was modified the hackers removed or modified the software that detects the type of media used in the player from the disc's XEX file.  Normally, if the drive reads the type of media as a "dvd+r" or "dvd-r," the media will not boot -- only media with the "dvdxbox" or "dvdxbox360" are supposed to boot.  A user on the Maxconsole forums (Arakon) close to the source has stated that this hack does not circumvent region protection and only 1:1 copies of games of the same region will work.

The team insists they will not release the hacked firmware as not to advocate piracy.  TheSpecialist has a bit of a professional reputation in the Xbox scene, which also gives him some credibility to the legitimacy of this hack. 

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