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Microsoft's latest service pack will bring the ability to record Blu-Ray, numerous Wi-Fi updates, and other tweaks and bugfixes

On the tails of the release of the Windows Vista SP2 Release Candidate to the masses, only a couple weeks later Microsoft has delivered the RTM Escrow build to its Connect beta testers.  Microsoft had already released this build several days ago, reportedly, to its internal testers.

Beta testers can find the new build on Windows Update via Windows Connect.  It has been packaged with multiple install options to test, including Slipstream versions and Standalone installers.  The new build string is 6002.17043.090312-1835, so if you are a tester or have a copy you can check its authenticity against that. 

The new service pack delivers many much anticipated features, along with numerous tweaks and bug fixes which should strengthen the Vista experience.  Among the hottest additions in the new pack is the ability to record in Blu-Ray format for the first time in Windows.  Other key additions include Bluetooth v2.1 connectivity, Windows Connect Now (WCN) Wi-Fi Configuration wireless functionality, faster Wi-Fi resume times after hibernation, Windows Search 4.0, and the ability to configure the maximum number of TCP connections.

For those outside the testing community eager to get their hands on the final version of SP2, it should be available within a couple weeks, as the RTM build typically is the last step before a public release.  Stay tuned for more details.

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Blu-ray on Seven?
By kensiko on 3/26/2009 8:59:36 AM , Rating: 2
I read in the pasts months that Windows 7 would not be able to burn blu-ray DVDs.

So, if Vista can with SP2, will Win7 be able or not?

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By Ryanman on 3/26/2009 9:13:45 AM , Rating: 5
I'm relatively sure that windows 7 will support it if Vista does. If you get the right version, that is.

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By VaultDweller on 3/26/2009 9:58:58 AM , Rating: 2
I'm pretty sure (but not 100% positive) that Windows 7 has Blu-ray write support.

This is irrelevant if you use Nero or something similar as your burning software.

Where both Vista SP2 and Windows 7 are lacking is Blu-ray video playback. Neither will have native support to play back Blu-ray video discs and Microsoft apparently does not intend to change this (presumably due to anti-competition issues and the fact that they'd basically put CyberLink and InterVideo out of business).

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By Mojo the Monkey on 3/26/09, Rating: -1
RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By Mojo the Monkey on 3/26/09, Rating: -1
RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By Hieyeck on 3/26/2009 2:07:33 PM , Rating: 5
No, your attempts at humor just suck.

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By jjmcubed on 3/27/2009 12:39:34 AM , Rating: 2
Put a smile on my face... considering how often that happens these days, thank you.

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By B3an on 3/26/2009 12:13:03 PM , Rating: 2
I have Win 7 build 7057 and it will play blu-ray rips - .MKV files. I dont have a blu ray drive to test actual discs. But WMP say it does not recognize the extension but will still play it perfectly fine anyway with hardware acceleration.

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By omnicronx on 3/26/2009 12:28:02 PM , Rating: 4
Windows 7 will natively support AVC, VC1, MPEG2, and H.264 not to mention other MPEG4 ish codecs like Divx.

This is why it will play your MKV files. It will not play actual blu-ray disks natively. MKV is just a container, so you could be testing any number of codecs, although your file was probably an H.264 based codec.

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By Mitch101 on 3/27/2009 9:25:12 AM , Rating: 2
Here is to hoping they streamline updates and messages better into the media center gui. There is nothing more annoying that having media center pop to the windows screen because there is a message like hey there is a new version of adobe or java, anti-virus engine update?, etc where you either have to break out the wireless keyboard or remote desktop into the machine to clear. Easy fix for me but a problem for the wife and kids.

I pray they add some sort of screen calibration options found in XBMC and allow for changing the videos aspect ratios by a button click. I actually have my Media Center PC running XBMC instead. If they added recording options to XBMC and leveraged hardware acceleration instead of their own codecs on the PC it would rock Media Center once and for all.

Its almost apparent that none of the people who developed the media center interface use it in their livings rooms and make it work properly without a keyboard. Finally for the love of god Microsoft allow skinning of the media center interface. Its nice but it could be much much better if I could customize the interface to my liking.

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By IceBreakerG on 3/26/2009 10:03:17 AM , Rating: 2
From what I read, there were some issues with Windows 7 being able to "play back" Blu-Ray movies. Windows 7 will have native Blu-Ray burning support just like Vista SP2.

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By TomZ on 3/26/2009 10:44:48 AM , Rating: 2
From what I read, there were some issues with Windows 7 being able to "play back" Blu-Ray
I thought that playing Blu-ray movies was not in the feature set of Windows 7 at all.

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By omnicronx on 3/26/2009 11:36:49 AM , Rating: 3
Its not, 7 will not natively support BD playback. It will not play in Windows Media Center or Windows Media player.

There will be support, but solely third party support.

This is just a royalty issue, same as with native MPEG2 support pre Vista.

RE: Blu-ray on Seven?
By piroroadkill on 3/26/09, Rating: -1
Windows Search
By Bateluer on 3/26/2009 9:23:31 AM , Rating: 2
Any word on whether we'll be able to remove this from the Sp2 install or otherwise uninstall it separately?

RE: Windows Search
By iregulate on 3/26/2009 9:31:31 AM , Rating: 1
You can already get the Blu-Ray and Bluetooh 2.1 features seperately. Google Windows Vista Storage Feature Pack and Windows Vista Wireless Feature Pack.

RE: Windows Search
By Leto293 on 3/26/2009 10:59:33 AM , Rating: 2
Bateluer was asking if Windows Search can be removed.

I don't know, but I am interested too. I find it an irritation.

RE: Windows Search
By Bateluer on 3/26/2009 11:15:07 AM , Rating: 2
Irritation . . . thats putting it mildly. I can't stand Windows Search. I turn it off on Windows Update on all my Windows machines.

RE: Windows Search
By omnicronx on 3/26/2009 11:45:41 AM , Rating: 2
Its a service, just turn it off. Not that I recommend this, you need some kind of indexing on your machine, even if it is only the start menu and my documents. I can't stand the start menu in vista with indexing disabled, it refreshes very slowly.

RE: Windows Search
By Bateluer on 3/26/2009 12:58:11 PM , Rating: 2
Okay, Windows Search never actually stops indexing. It just keeps going and going, bringing the system to a crawl.

Since I know where my data is and have it sorted and organized well, there's no need for an indexed search that brings my system to a snail's pace.

RE: Windows Search
By omnicronx on 3/26/2009 2:15:21 PM , Rating: 2
Okay, Windows Search never actually stops indexing. It just keeps going and going, bringing the system to a crawl.
That's not how indexing works.. it should index everything you have specified and stop until you make any changes to the directories in question. It does not re-index everything either when you do so. I once set it to all drives and it took over 24 hours to complete, but after that it would not continue indexing unless you make changes, and even then it is not like it re indexes the entire drive or directory.

Perhaps you are talking about superfetch? which after boot can slow your system down until it loads everything into memory.
Since I know where my data is and have it sorted and organized well, there's no need for an indexed search that brings my system to a snail's pace.
I don't see how this could be true, every OS whether it be Windows OSX or Linux makes use of indexing because it is faster. Indexing is not limited to searches, it will speed up general use browsing of any location that is indexed.

RE: Windows Search
By Bateluer on 3/26/2009 2:35:59 PM , Rating: 1
Windows Search may be broken then, because it also states that it is indexing and tying up CPU time. I am not referring to Superfetch. There is a delay after Vista loads while data is pushed into RAM, but its only a few moments. Windows Search slows the system down until I kill Windows Search.

Vista does its own indexing and the built in search tools are very functional. There's no need for Windows Search, aside from convincing the end user that they need to upgrade.

RE: Windows Search
By omnicronx on 3/26/2009 3:36:58 PM , Rating: 2
Buddy, you are terribly mistaken, Windows Search IS the built in indexing tool in Vista. Just go to services and look at the description.
Provides content indexing and property caching for file, email and other content (via extensibility APIs). The service responds to file and email notifications to index modified content. If the service is stopped or disabled, the Explorer will not be able to display virtual folder views of items, and search in the Explorer will fall back to item-by-item slow search.
I am not saying you are not experiencing issues, but Windows Search is probably not to blame. This is how most of the FUD about Vista has been spread.

RE: Windows Search
By Nekrik on 3/26/2009 4:26:01 PM , Rating: 2
apologies if I missed this elsewhere in the thread, but why don't you go into the indexing options and turn it off for drives/directories you don't need indexed. If you have a download directory, or some similar depository where you keep fairly large files (I'm thinking about videos, ISOs, files typically >300MBs), I would try ommitting them from being indexed. Not sure this will fix your issues but it can't really hurt.

RE: Windows Search
By Kary on 3/26/2009 4:40:01 PM , Rating: 2
Windows Search 4 seems to fix most of the problems with Vista..yeh, turning it off seemed the best option to me, too (I'm running Windows 7 and it uses Search 4 and I haven't had a problem).

High CPU usage at random times (while I'm running games...very annoying) to index goodness only knows what (I don't store files in My Documents..I have to many other drives for that)

title should be...
By MadMan007 on 3/26/2009 10:43:58 AM , Rating: 3
..."Windows 7 released early!"

By Nekrik on 3/26/2009 1:40:59 PM , Rating: 3
and by definition anything prior to that is not RTM. Eventually a Release Candidate will become RTM, but there is no way to know that this build is it. The title and comment "as the RTM build typically is the last step before a public release" are both wrong.

By VaultDweller on 3/26/2009 9:59:56 AM , Rating: 2
Any word on when it will be available for MSDN subscribers?

but will it?
By MrPoletski on 3/26/2009 10:33:45 AM , Rating: 2
contain a little utility to set the proper partition offset and all that blah to get 100% out of my SSD boot/os drive without having to reinstall?

By FranksAndBeans on 3/26/2009 4:40:48 PM , Rating: 2
Highly recommend anyone reading this avoid or uninstall WS 4.0 unless you like constant disk thrashing and piggish Office behavior.

It installs with Office 2007 and is complete and total garbage. Unless they apply some fixes to the SP2 release, avoid it or uninstall it.

By IcarusFalls on 3/27/2009 2:11:16 AM , Rating: 2
I really hope that this service pack can sort out my wireless problems, my Acer Aspire laptop came equipped with a Broadcom Netlink adaptor and Windows Vista - a combination that has caused endless problems (I know that this is Asus's fault, not Microsoft).

SP1 helped somewhat, but it can still take randomly between 30 seconds to 45 minutes to "Identify" the network.

Again, I know that this is not Microsoft's problem and this laptop should never have been shipped with Vista and a card that had known vista issues, but I cant help hoping that Microsoft can fix this problem for me.

I am in South Africa and Asus's replace/repair policy leaves a lot to be desired here (Can you do without your PC for 60 to 90 days?)

So, if a service pack download can fix this issue for me, I will be really happy.

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