Windows Phone Manager Joe Marini not only unwisely spilled confidential information on Twitter, but he also decided to criticize his partner's secret unreleased device.  (Source: Twitter)

Mr. Marini subsequently left the company he joined in 2003 and his high paying manager position.  (Source: Windows Phone Blog)
Engineer spilled details on upcoming phone, offering it some praise, but complaints too

Face it -- we've all made a bone-headed move at one time or another that's had us kicking ourselves the next day.  For Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) Windows Phone 7 team manager Joe Marini, that moment must have come two weeks ago, when he posted to Twitter his thoughts on a top secret Windows Phone Mango handset from partner Nokia Oyj. (HEL:NOK1V).

On September 7 Mr. Marini posted:

I just got a chance to try out one of the slickest looking #Nokia phones I have ever seen. Soon, you will too! #wp7 [Source]

He followed this with comments on the phone and responded to a question about what he didn't like about it:

@samsabri Overall I would say an 8. Solid feel, good camera, responsive UI, and nice little touches on the body construction. [Source]

@samsabri Yeah, the camera was good, but I didn’t have optimal lighting. I’d like a larger screen too. [Source]

As you might guess Microsoft wasn't thrilled about these developments (it probably was especially bothered by him criticizing a partner's unlaunched product.  A Microsoft policy document (PDF) warns employees to "be smart", when posting to Twitter about their job.  They warn employees not to disclose confidential details to the public.

A Microsoft spokesperson has confirmed to Geekwire that Mr. Marini has left the company after eight years, declining to confirm why he departed and whether the Twitter posts were to blame.

It is unknown if the "secret" phone Mr. Marini was playing with was the widely shown "Sea Ray" prototype, or another model.  Sea Ray did feature a small screen, but to all it the "slickest" Nokia one had seen seems unlikely.  Perhaps Mr. Marini had his hands on brand new Nokia WP7 Mango hardware.  

We should soon find out, as Mango launches in "a week or two".  Microsoft just yesterday posted news of the impending launch of Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango).

"I modded down, down, down, and the flames went higher." -- Sven Olsen

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