"Tonight's the night all systems fail."

According to the blog istartedsomething, an Australian developer has been able to gain root access to Windows Phone 7 and a full-on jailbreak is in the works.

It all started when a user on noticed that the Network Profile app by Samsung used native code, and not Silverlight-based code like all other WP7 apps. He noted that a DLL called "Microsoft.Phone.InteropServices" -- with the right manipulation -- could provide COM access.

In steps Australian developer Chris Walsh with the next breakthrough. Walsh takes the information from xda, and is able to load a valid WP7 app using a developer sideloading process on a device that has the ability to run unmanaged code.

The breakthrough, while essentially providing root access, stops short of a neat, bundled jailbreak. Sideloading an application on a common, non-developer device is the next step, but could prove challenged because an app of that nature would have a lot of trouble making through Microsoft's market certification.

Still, the possibilities of a jailbroken WP7 device are tantalizing. It is no longer a matter of "if", but "when" will it happen.

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