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Microsoft kicks off its "Live" theme

Microsoft has released the final version of its Windows Live Messenger instant messaging application. This should be welcome news to the over 240 million people worldwide that using the program making it the world's largest instant messaging service.

"Windows Live is all about giving consumers the tools and services they need to be in control as they stay connected to the people they care about, on top of the information that is important to them, and better protected across all their online activities. The launch of Windows Live Messenger represents a significant 'down payment' on the Windows Live vision and an important milestone for the business," said Martin Taylor, corporate vice president of Windows Live and MSN at Microsoft.

The latest version of Messenger brings a wealth of features to the table including free video calls using technology from Logitech International SA, Verizon Web Calling service which allows users to make PC to land line phone calls for a nominal fee, the ability to share folders between buddies, and integration with other Windows Live services including Windows Live Search and Windows Live Mail. Windows Live Messenger will also take full advantage of the Microsoft’s new LifeCam VX-6000 and LifeCam VX-3000.

In keeping with the Windows Live theme, Microsoft has posted an interview with Martin Taylor on Windows Live Messenger and the rest of the Windows Live family. Here's an excerpt:

PressPass: Why did Microsoft choose Windows Live Messenger as the first core Windows Live service to launch?

Taylor: We regard Windows Live Messenger as one of the most pivotal services within Windows Live, because it’s built to help people connect and share in all kinds of rich, unique ways. Windows Live Messenger offers people the ability to see, talk and share with family and friends in such a seamless way that puts them in control. Windows Live Messenger is also integrated with many of the Windows Live services to serve as a convenient entry point into consumers’ online world so they can do even more than IM right from one place. From directly within Windows Live Messenger, users can launch a shared Windows Live Search query so they can pick out a restaurant with the person they’re talking with, or visit a blog on MSN Spaces to see what their friend has been up to, or browse to their favorite Web sites using Windows Live Favorites, or check their Windows Live Mail. So in many ways Windows Live Messenger is one of the main hubs of Windows Live. Windows Live Messenger also is the first core service that incorporates the sleek user interface and look-and-feel that will be used across all of the Windows Live services.

"Vista runs on Atom ... It's just no one uses it". -- Intel CEO Paul Otellini
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