Leading the charge will be Lumia 940 XL, according to numerous leaks

 We already know that Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) will launch its highly anticipated Windows 10 operating system update on July 29.  But an unanswered question is when the Windows 10 builds for mobile devices and for the Xbox One will land.

Neowin potentially zeroes in on the answer to one of those outstanding questions,s reporting that Windows 10 devices are likely due in "late September".  It cites a slide delivered in a partner presentation by a Microsoft spokesperson.  The key item is that the slide (dated from the current quarter, Q2) states:

Windows Mobile skus will be available late next quarter.

Windows 10 mobile

The slide states that the tweaked and tuned smartphone/phablet Windows 10 build will arrive late in Q3, i.e. sometime in August.  That indicates that Microsoft is likely to finalize and ship finished bits to OEMs within a month of the release of the desktop version to consumers.  

Neowin states that adding in the lag time between OEMs receiving the finished OS and deploying it to new devices, you're likely looking at a hard launch in September:

According to the slide, seen above, both the enterprise and consumer versions of Windows 10 Mobile, should become available "late next quarter." In regular terms that means a launch at the end of September.

NokiaPowerUser chimes in that this makes sense, stating (emphasis theirs):

This is inline with tip we received from our sources that Microsoft has been making efforts to deliver Windows 10 Mobile earlier than the expected end of the year timeline. Though once pushed to OEMs, it may still take sometime for the new devices to go through proper testing. So, while we may see some new device announcements in August-September, devices running the final build may start coming to market from October.

Windows Insiders are expected to get the final build in August, alongside the OEMs.  A more compelling unanswered question is whether current Lumia owners not registered as Insider testers will have to wait for Microsoft to first deliver the finished bits to carriers, then to the end user -- a process which could potentially stretch into the holiday season, or even the New Year.  There's some rumors that Microsoft may directly offer the update to users with Windows Phone 8/8.1 devices.

On the topic of updates to Windows 10 on mobile devices, Microsoft has made it clear it's no longer going to rely on carrier delivery.  It wrote:

Here at Microsoft, we take our responsibility to keep Windows secure seriously. And today, we’re announcing this continuous update process applies to all Windows 10 devices, including phones.

However, rumor has it that carriers may still be relied upon to deliver the initial Windows 10 installers.

In related news it looks like Insiders should be getting another Windows 10 mobile test build soon.  A Windows 10 mobile Build 10034 leak video shows off some of the new features:

  • Search bar on top of apps list
  • In app swipe gestures to switch windows
  • Split-screen on higher-resolution displays for the Settings menu
  • Store Beta is now working with at least some standard Windows 8.1 apps

Microsoft's Windows engineering manager Gabriel Aul (@gabeaul) had more good news, writing on Twitter, Inc. (TWTR): Sounds like Microsoft is on the cusp of another Insider release, even if testers are a bit frustrated by the lack of a new build since the release of Build 10080 in mid-May.

Sources: Neowin, Nokia Power User

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