Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Operating Systems Group at Microsoft
Microsoft is seeing a great response (and plenty of feedback) for the first Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft released its Windows 10 Technical Preview to the masses on the first of October. The operating system, which is available in x86 and x64 versions, aims to combine the relative ease of use of Windows 7 with the “liked” features in Windows 8.x along with some fresh new functionality to entice people to upgrade.
Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore is now letting us know — via the company’s official Windows blog — that over one million people have registered to download Windows 10 via the Windows Insider Program. In addition, over 200,000 pieces of user-generated feedback have been submitted to Microsoft to help pinpoint bugs and provide insight on what’s right and wrong with the current Technical Preview.

As for how the Windows Technical Preview is being used, Belfiore offers these statistics:
Wondering whether people are running this on actual PCs or just “trying it out” for a few minutes in a VM (Virtual Machine)? Well, only 36% of installations of the Windows 10 Technical Preview are in VMs. The remaining 64% are all on actual PCs.
Another indicator that we have solid usage is the number of app-launches that happen on a device. 68% of you are launching more than 7 apps/day, and some people are using it even more heavily.
Windows 10 Technical Preview
Microsoft is taking Windows 10 very seriously, as the company obviously doesn’t want a repeat of Windows 8.x. Customer feedback is incredibly useful to the company at this point, so Belfiore implores testers to continue submitting feedback and to visit the Microsoft-monitored Windows Technical Preview Program forum to ask questions about the operating system.

Source: Microsoft

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