You can now get a taste of Windows 10

Microsoft revealed its next generation consumer operating system, Window 10, yesterday and as promised the Technical Preview is now available to download today.
Windows 10 aims to right many of the wrongs committed by Windows 8.x by including a proper Start Menu and a user switch to change from a keyboard/mouse-centric UI to a touch-centric UI. In the video below, you can see Microsoft’s “Continuum” concept that shows a Surface tablet operating in desktop UI mode with a keyboard attached, and then transforming to a full tablet experience with the keyboard detached:

Other new features in Windows 10 include enhancements to snap (up to four apps can be snapped on a screen at once), the ability to create multiple desktops for different tasks, a new Task View button for quickly switching between open files and desktops, along with a reinvigorated File Explorer that makes finding files easier/faster.

Multiple desktops in Winodws 10
It should be noted that Cortana will also be fully baked into the shipping version of Windows 10 (which will be available in late 2015), but it is not currently available in the Technical Preview.
You can download the Windows 10 Technical Preview here, and if you’d like to watch the Microsoft’s presentation from yesterday, you can view it here:

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