Users with compatible devices may be able to enroll for the first time as fast ring testers -- beware the known bugs, though

Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) has released the latest build of Windows 10 to its small crowd of smartphone-equipped Fast Ring enrolled Insider Preview beta testers.  The new build is numbered Mobile Build 10080, which means it may be slightly older than the leaked Build 10114 that was leaked in the wild.  It targets solely Windows Phones and is relatively overdue (Microsoft had hinted that it might come late last month).

The new build adds support for a few new recent Windows smartphones that weren't supported in the first Mobile Preview Build (Build 10051).  The newly supported models include the:
HTC One (M8)
HTC One (M8) Windows Phone edition

Windows engineering manager Gabriel Aul (@gabeaul) announced the availbility of the build on his Twitter Inc. (TWTR) account:
While Windows Phone users are a relatively small minority overall and Windows Phone users who are also Fast Ring beta testers are an even smaller minority, the update does bring some promising new test features for those who are onboard.

Office Previe

Word Universal Preview app

Most notably there's access to the brand new smartphone Windows Store Beta.  And you can obtain mobile builds of the upcoming Microsoft Office Universal Preview suite's Word Preview, Excel Preview, Powerpoint Preview, and OneNote Preview universal apps [Office Blog -- detailed summary].
Office Universal Preview app

Powerpoint Universal Preview app

There's also other new items:
  • New/Refreshed apps:
    • Xbox Preview [Xbox Wire -- detailed summary]
      • Better connectivity with the Xbox One including social gaming and DVR playback
    • Music Preview
      • OneDrive playback
      • Kids' Corner support
      • Animated tile synced with track
    • Camera
    • Video Preview
      • MKV support
      • Better playback controls
      • D/L management
      • Library sorting/filtering
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed bug that caused email notifications to launch Calendar app by mistake
    • Correct call ringtones to intended values

There are a handful of known bugs reported by Aul:
  • Serious -- MMS will send a non-working link when you cellular data is turned off.  Clicking the link will try to retrieve the message, but will lead to the message being permanently lost (so ignore these messages and don't click them)
  • When installing cellular data will be turned off
  • You may need to use a second microSD card as the update fails to load app data and settings from the external storage slot, and applicable apps are fail to launch, yet are also not installable.  The workaround is to use a separate card and reinstall them.
A longer more detailed list of bugs can be found in Microsoft's release blog.  For those without a Windows Phone, don't worry if you're interested.  Microsoft is reportedly making Windows 10 compatible with most popular Android smartphones as a replacement OS.

Sources: Microsoft Windows [official blog], Gabe Aul on Twitter

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