Reported, A team from the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory set up machine-learning AI to teach itself to diagnose cancer by looking at skin lesions the way a doctor could at the time of an exam.

The algorithm has been tested against 21 board-certifies dermatologists and it preformed as well as its human peers.

By: Stanford/Matt young
Sebastian Thrun, an adjunct professor in the (SAIL) believes that “any project being worked on it either as a class project or a research is an opportunity to do something great for humanity.”
New York Times: San Francisco has lowest percentage of Kids in any major U.S City.
Due to the high priced housing and heavy traffic, parents moved to suburbs to buy home with backyard and send the kids to neighborhood public school.
6 common features of most expensive smartphones of 2017
- Slide to unlock,
- Bezeless design: Flagship smartphone such as Samsung and Apple, both likely to come with bezeless display.  
- 6GB RAM: the RAM capacity is expected be 6GB in most of the flagship smartphones. Of course there might be a few 8GB smartphones too
- Fingerprint sensor: Fingerprint scanner seems to be embedded in the display, and     reported that Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone with this technology.
- Front Camera: Iris sensor may become an ordinary feature of smartphones, and Galaxy S8 may come with this feature.    
- All –Glass design: There is rumor that Apple will launch an all glass iPhone sometimes this year.  If Apple includes this feature then others will join too.
- Heat pipes: Also there is a possibility of laptops ‘heat pipes’ that helps laptop remain cool to make it to smartphones this year. As more common features appears on products, makes comparison easier. 
Oxfam International reported that Bill Gates ‘fortune is growing at 11% per year since 2009, he could become the world’s first trillionaire soon.

"The Space Elevator will be built about 50 years after everyone stops laughing" -- Sir Arthur C. Clarke
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