That’s right folks. Looks like Apple may be skipping the iPhone 7s model and going straight to iPhone 8. The 10th anniversary of the iPhone is next year and Apple fans think that something big is brewing for the iPhone.

Historically, Apple has introduced an iPhone “S” model to customers before each number change.  The iPhone 1 has been the only model to not have an “S” model.  Could we be seeing the end of the “S” model, or is it that the iPhone’s 10th anniversary calls for something much bigger than a mere iPhone 7 software update. I think the later.

Below is an abbreviated release chart for the iPhone.

iPhone Historical Release Models

Photo Source: iPhone Arena Comparisons

Year Date Launched iPhone Model
2013 September 20 iPhone 5C (16 & 32 GB)
    iPhone 5S (16 & 32 GB)
    iPhone 5S (64 GB)
2014 March 18 iPhone 5C (8 GB)
2014 September 19 iPhone 6 (16 & 64 GB)
    iPhone 6 Plus (16 & 64 GB)
    iPhone 6 (128 GB)
    iPhone 6 Plus (128 GB)
2015 September 25 iPhone 6S
    iPhone 6S Plus
2016 March 31 iPhone SE
2016 September 16 iPhone 7 (32, 128, & 256)
    iPhone 7 Plus (32, 128, & 256)
 See full iPhone release chart here. (Starting from iPhone 1)

The 10th anniversary of iPhone is a major event, so one would think that the name iPhone 8 may not even be good enough. Possible names include iPhone Anniversary Edition, iPhone X, and my personal favorite, iPhone A10.  But the designation iPhone 8 may win out.

According to the Business Insider, an Apple employee who remains anonymous, has leaked information centered around the iPhone 8.  The Unnamed employee solders components at the Apple Office in Herzliya, Israeli where hardware for the iPhone 8 is in full development.

Photo Source: Sam Shead / Business Insider

The employee referred to the device as the iPhone 8, and confirmed that it would be very different from the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7. Wondering if you should wait for the iPhone 8 in lieu of getting the iPhone 7?

Here’s what you may be seeing with the iPhone 8.
1.   Better Camera
2.   Iris Scanner
3.   Wireless Charging
4.   Edge-to-Edge Display
5.   Advanced Security Encryption

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs
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