Silverstone GD02 HTPC case packing an ATI Radeon HD 2900XT  (Source: DailyTech, Anh T. Huynh)
Does SilverStone have the answer?

(Editors note: Tony Ou is a product manager for Silverstone Technology Co.)

An editor at a tech website recently asked me this question which I think is quite popular:
At the moment there is no real defined HTPC ‘standard’ and many desktop PCs have all the prerequisite components to function as a HTPC apart from the shape of the case and perhaps other touches. What to you REALLY defines a HTPC?
I have read quite a number of articles and publications with references on the definition of HTPC,there is even a Wikipedia page about it. So there were a lot of materials available that I could use to come up with a list of things we feel constitutes a HTPC.

Unfortunately, we just did not feel right to give a clear cut feature list that would define a HTPC because we have a large variety of HTPC cases ourselves. Not all of them have the same feature sets. Strangely, despite the difficulty in pinning down an exact specification for HTPC on paper,all of us know instinctively if a case is suitable for HTPC use by just looking at it (at least from our point of view). It's almost like the difference between running and walking, we know the difference between the two without having to look twice.

So what was my eventual answer to this question?
...if you have a computer that you can use in the living room’s home theater setup without it looking out of place, then you can say it is a HTPC. So with this in mind, we almost always define our HTPC chassis with horizontal layout and a size that can fit in people’s home theater cabinets...
So there you have it, the user defines his or her own HTPC. And as a manufacturer, we can only try coming up with more designs that will satisfy as many people as possible while they decide what fits and what doesn't. After a couple of years, we will have a clearer definition as HTPC continues to evolve.

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