Walmart is looking to offload its stock of iPhones to make room for the latest and greatest

It looks as though the iPod touch isn’t the only iOS device seeing price cuts this week. Although not an official Apple offer, Walmart has permanently reduced the price on the current generation iPhone 5C (16GB) and iPhone 5S (16GB).
The retail price for the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S stands at $99 and $199 respectively with a two-year contract. Walmart’s everyday price for the phones was already well below those set prices, ringing in at $49 for the iPhone 5C and $149 for the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5C
Today, Walmart is dropping prices further to $29 and $99 respectively with a two-year contract. Unfortunately, the pricing will not be available online, so you will actually have to make the trek to your local Walmart store to score this particular deal.
Apple is likely trying to clear out its inventory of iPhones (the current generation has been out for nearly a year) in preparation for the iPhone 6, which is slated to debut in a few months time. That means that we’ll likely be seeing similar promotions from other retailers as we get closer to the launch of Apple’s next generation flagship smartphone.

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