Wal-Mart's head of digital video services has taken up a job with Apple as new head of international movies and TV

With the closing of Wal-Mart’s digital video store last month, the mega-retailer’s digital media head, Kevin Swint, has taken off for greener pastures.  Swint moved from Wal-Mart to become Apple’s head of international movies and TV.

It was an expected move on his part due Wal-Mart’s failed digital video store.  Wal-Mart’s attempt at digital video market was not completely far-fetched.  Just last year, the company signed up all six major movie studios, beating Apple’s iTunes Store. 

The blame for the service’s failure can mostly be placed on the “unfriendly” DRM and a multitude of absurd fees, reports Ars Technica.  Wal-Mart’s service attempted to leach off of consumer’s wallets, for example, charging extra fees for device-friendly copies.

Another reason for the move, is Apple’s new Digital Copy initiative.  The initiative offers customers iTunes-friendly versions of movies.  Apple currently has a deal with Twentieth Century Fox, allowing customers who purchase the DVD to copy the movie into their iTunes library.  These movies can then be played on Apple’s iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.


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