Google said to be in talks with Asian manufacturers for mass production

A source that claims to be familiar with Google’s inner workings has stated that the company's smartwatch is getting closer to launch. The source claims that Google is currently in talks with suppliers to begin mass production of the smartwatch within the next few months.

The new Google smartwatch will of course run the Android operating system and feature Google Now. Google Now is Google's personal assistant software that's able to answer questions, make recommendations, and predict information that the user would need based on what they're currently doing.

One of the primary goals of the team working on the smartwatch is to reduce power consumption to allow for longer use between charges. The smartwatch is designed to connect to other Android devices such as smartphones through Bluetooth and to be able to glean details from a users email such as travel schedules and appointment times.

Google is hoping to address some of the major complaints that have arisen with competing smartwatches such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear. Two of the major complaints of that device are a lack of usefulness and short runtime per charge – not to mention the $300 price tag.

Apple is also rumored to be working on its own smartwatch called the iWatch, but others say it’s just a smokescreen to force competitors to waste engineering resources on “inferior” products.

Source: WSJ

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