The iPhone won't be the only mobile device from Apple to support NFC

The Android Wear market is just heating up, but Apple is looking to bring its own flavor to wearables with the iWatch. Various publications — citing people familiar with Apple’s plans — assert that the iWatch will be unveiled alongside the iPhone 6 on September 9. However, the iWatch won’t be available until early 2015; likely in an effort to give developers enough time to create app for a brand new platform.
In a new report released today, The Wall Street Journal claims that the iWatch will be available in two difference sizes to appeal to a broader range of consumers. In addition, both SKUs will feature a curved OLED screen and will be loaded with sensors to monitor the wearer’s health and fitness levels.

The New York Times is separately reporting that the iWatch will have a flexible, sapphire display and that it will support wireless recharging.

The most interesting news gathered from the WSJ’s latest report, however, is that the iWatch will also feature NFC technology — like the iPhone 6 — to support Apple’s upcoming mobile payments service. The fact that the iWatch would carry its own NFC chip leads us to believe that the device would be able to complete retail transactions on its own, rather than being tethered to an iPhone.
Notable Apple blogger — and an individual with good sourcing inside Apple — tackled the issue of NFC on the iPhone 6 and the iWatch last week, stating:
I’ve been working on a new joke — about NFC and a new secure enclave where you can store your credit cards, so you can pay for things at brick and mortar retail stores just by taking out your iPhone, but only if it’s one of the new iPhones — but no one seems to get my sense of humor.
Follow-up joke: It would be cool, and would make a lot of sense, if the new wearable thing had the same magic payment apparatus.
In other iWatch news, Apple design chief Jony Ive has reportedly bragged that Switzerland will be in trouble once the iWatch hits the market.

Sources: The Wall Street Journal, Daring Fireball, The New York Times

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