Klausner Technologies is undefeated in IP litigation, and Vonage is next

It appears that Vonage will be facing more legal troubles. According to reports, Vonage Holdings has just been served another patent infringement case by a company named Klausner Technologies. According to the filing, the technology used by Vonage to provide its VOIP services infringes on various patents that Klausner owns.

According to Klausner, the company tried to initiate talks with Vonage in January of this year but received little response from Vonage. Klausner told reporters that Vonage kept asking for more time, but did not come to any conclusions.

Klausner recently asked a federal court in the district of Texas to fine Vonage approximately $180M USD for damages as well as for royalties. Klausner currently owns 25 patents for VOIP technology and is already collecting licensing fees from such companies as Time Warner Inc. AOL uses Klausner's technology in its voicemail and VoIP voicemail services. Interestingly, Klausner also sued AOL in 2005 over similar patents and won. Klausner allowed AOL to continue its services.

Earlier in June, Vonage was served with a similar patent infringement suit from Verizon. After obtaining patents from Digital Packet Licensing however, Vonage is also suing Verizon over similar claims. Sprint Communications is also being sued by Vonage on patent infringement charges.

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