Volvo S60 Concept  (Source: AutoblogGreen)

  (Source: AutoblogGreen)

  (Source: AutoblogGreen)
Volvo says the S60 concept will be the first Volvo to use GTDi technology in 2009

In the car world, you can find vehicles that are sexy, vehicles that are fuel-efficient and vehicles that are very safe. The catch is that you seldom find all three of these things in the same vehicle and even less likely is to find all three of them in a Volvo.

Volvos may not be known for sexy looks traditionally, but the new S60 concept will change that in many minds. The car stands out for more than its pretty face though with the promise of low emissions and good fuel economy in a package that is safer for the driver and for pedestrians in the event of an accident.

The S60 concept uses a 1.6-liter gasoline engine that features Gasoline Turbocharged Direct Injection (GTDi). The S60 concept is the first Volvo vehicle to use GTDi and will be introduced in production Volvo models during 2009. Fuel in the GTDi engine is directly injected at high pressure into the combustion chamber.

The technology allows Volvo to create an engine that offers 20% lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. AutoBlogGreen says that the S60 concept will be good for 47 miles per gallon and Volvo says that the engine produces only 119g/km of carbon dioxide emissions.

Volvo VP of Powertrain Derek Crabb said in a statement, "GTDi technology is an important CO2-cutting technology for petrol engines. In the S60 Concept we have also added a number of other developments that further reduce fuel consumption. Several of these features will make their way into our production models in the coming year."

The S60 concept also has some other interesting features like a Powershift gearbox that uses two manual transmissions working in parallel that are regulated by separate clutches. Power steering in the car uses electric servo motor rather than hydraulic pumps. A special driving mode called DRIVe-Mode is features as well that reduces fuel consumption and a number of other select electrical and mechanical systems for ultimate economy.

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