Windows Vista's DNS implementation may have adverse effects on the Internet's performance according to some

Paul Mockapetris, one of the principal inventors of DNS is warning that Windows Vista might grind net traffic to a halt if left unchecked.   Because Vista supports two different versions of TCP/IP (v4 and v6) Mockapetris believes that the introduction of the new operating system will cause a significant increase in DNS traffic and may bring DNS servers already running near capacity to their knees. This would have a significant impact on the Internet’s ability to function as DNS requests could become unanswered by the swamped servers.

Some experts disagree with Mockapetris and believe this might be a FUD campaign to stir up support for Nomium, a vendor of DNS products were Mockapetris works as chief scientist. Microsoft has said that while vista may cause an increase in DNS traffic it won’t be to the extent that it cripples the DNS system.   

The problem lies in the way that Vista utilizes the IP stack, according to Mockapetris "[Windows Vista] is going to try a DNS lookup for the IPv6 address and then a DNS lookup for the IPv4 address,"  this uses more of the DNS system and until supply is increased thing might get slower.  

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