Firewire-B early adopters will have to wait

The EETimes reports that Microsoft Windows Vista will not support IEEE-1394b, also known as Firewire-B, at launch.  The EETimes claims a Microsoft representative attending a recent 1394b trade meeting announced that Vista wouldn’t support the standard at launch but would include support in a later service pack. A time frame for a Vista service pack is unknown, but judging from previous service pack releases it could take up to six months to a year to materialize.

1394b is the backwards compatible successor to 1394a and will feature a theoretical maximum speed of 3.2Gbit/s to or from a single device. 1394 is a popular standard for external hard-drives and is featured on most new digital camcorders.  The standard was announced in 2001, but still has not made its way into the mainstream.

Windows Vista has been plagued with dropped features and delays and may be facing another 3 month delay according to some analysts. This is yet another blow for the software giant as both Mac OS X and Linux support 1394b already. A new build of Vista, 5381, was just released to MSDN testers this weekend.

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