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Employee flexibility and cost savings are among the highest rated advantages

A recent survey announced by Virtual PBX shows that most small to medium-size businesses (SMB) see many advantages to the use of virtual offices. 
Virtual PBX is a privately held communications service provider that asked CEOs, owners, principals, partners, sales managers and directors from over 600 SMBs how they feel about their use of virtual offices
Virtual offices are combinations of off-site live communication and address services that help users maintain professionalism while reducing costs. In the survey, those associated with SMBs were asked to share information on frequency of virtual office use, virtual office costs and effectiveness of a virtual setting. 
"SMB leaders are on the forefront of embracing virtual offices to boost business efficiency, cut costs and provide more flexibility to their workforces," said Greg Brashier, chief operating officer of Virtual PBX. 
More than 60 percent of those who responded to Virtual PBX's survey work in a virtual office almost all of the time, while 27 percent work 2-10 days per month in a virtual office. Fifty-seven percent said that at least half of their workforce uses a virtual office, and 59 percent feel virtual offices are more effective than traditional offices. The main benefits that SMB survey respondents cited in a virtual office environment is employee flexibility (61 percent), savings in cost (54 percent), staff geographic distance (42 percent) and the desire to reduce commute cost, pollution and time (41 percent). 
"At Virtual PBX, we're responding to the needs of this growing population with technology designed to make it easy for them to stay in touch with colleagues and clients," said Brashier.
Virtual PBX's particular aim to SMBs is savings on phone lines, which is a vital part of the virtual office. Eighty-seven percent of SMBs use cell phones as a business communications device while 49 percent use landlines, 25 percent use VoIP phone lines and 20 percent use computer-based VoIP soft phones.
"We've seen strong interest in our Virtual PBX Complete solution, which allows our users to leverage the industry's deepest feature set and the flexibility to use any phone, all at 40 to 80 percent savings over traditional phone services."
Forty-three percent of survey respondents say they save $1,000 or more each month on phone service, rent, supplies and equipment because of virtual office use. Eight percent of respondents reported monthly savings of $10,000.  
In addition to cost savings and effectiveness, SMB leaders also enjoy other perks of a virtual office, such as laid-back attire. Fifty percent of respondents wear shorts, flip flops and T-shirts in their virtual office, while 37 percent wear casual business attire, four percent wear pajamas, three percent wear nothing at all and less than two percent wear formal business attire.

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