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Virgin Galactic turns down offer for weightless sex video

[Cue 70's porn music now] Virgin Galactic has reportedly turned down an offer of a cool $1 million to film a porn video during the five minutes of weightlessness the trip offers passengers.

A passenger on the spacecraft pays $200,000 for a ride (to space mind you). Will Whitehorn, Virgin Galactic president said, "[the offer] was $1 million, up front, for a sex-in-space movie. That was money we had to refuse, I'm afraid." reports that Whitehorn announced at the International Astronautical Congress the offer had been declined. I'm betting that Virgin's reasoning was several fold. First, who wants to dodge the wet spot left by porn stars in zero G.

Second, it would be hard for a company with Virgin as part of its name to allow the filming of a sex video in its spacecraft. Some may wonder if five minutes of weightlessness would even be enough time to film a porn video. I'd like to think it would be enough time, in the immortal words of Bernie Mack -- "you don’t need nothin' but 2 minutes, that's a heavy weight round."

This has to be good news for the 280 customers so far that have paid Virgin Galactic deposits totaling $40 million for the trip into space. After all, there aren't many people who would want to be the next on the space ship after the porn shoot finished.

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By omnicronx on 10/3/2008 12:55:01 PM , Rating: 4
After all, there aren't many people who would want to be the next on the space ship after the porn shoot finished.
Why does everyone always have to tread on my dreams?

RE: ..
By AnnihilatorX on 10/3/2008 2:14:39 PM , Rating: 5
2010: A Space Or*y

guess we won't be seeing it until much later heh

RE: ..
By chmilz on 10/5/2008 1:04:40 AM , Rating: 3
Call it an experiment, titled as such in scientific journals:

Fluffers in Space - Hard Work in Zero G Spots

RE: ..
By FITCamaro on 10/6/2008 10:55:52 AM , Rating: 2
To be on the ship after the porno was filmed is your dream? :)

But yeah I dream of having sex in space some day as well. Could be a bit messy though.

RE: ..
By DanoruX on 10/6/2008 2:56:05 PM , Rating: 2
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

This begs the question...
By RabidDog on 10/6/2008 11:35:54 AM , Rating: 3
Has there been sex in space? There's been over 200 people in space, as a couple hooked up?

RE: This begs the question...
By Screwballl on 10/6/2008 5:29:21 PM , Rating: 3
I would assume so... on the ISS when they are cooped up for so long, there has to be some sort of release... maybe the vacuum toilet handles the job well for the guys???

RE: This begs the question...
By excrucio on 10/8/2008 8:50:35 PM , Rating: 2
haha good laugh screwball

Whole new club..
By h04x on 10/5/2008 12:12:19 AM , Rating: 2
Welcome to the 62 mile high club..

RE: Whole new club..
By FITCamaro on 10/6/2008 10:57:58 AM , Rating: 2
I'm just waiting for a Motel 6 to be built in space. Then you'll have a crappy video of Paris Hilton getting banged by some other loser in it circulating the net.

are you kiddin?
By ikkeman on 10/4/2008 3:46:48 AM , Rating: 3
I'd pay to be on the same flight -

talk about your ultimate in-flight entertainment.
"would you like this starlet with your pillow, sir??"

The possibilities are endless and the sky is not even a limit!

Come on
By Flunk on 10/5/2008 2:01:45 AM , Rating: 2
We all know that the real reason is that they didn't offer enough money. Had it been 20 million Virgin would have folded like a card table.

RE: Come on
By Nik00117 on 10/6/2008 5:29:24 PM , Rating: 1
I agree it wasn't enough. Offer 20 million and they'd cave. Shit if you came up to me and went "we want to flim a porno in the middle of your car lot for the sum of 5 million i'd be like "when do you start?""

By marsbound2024 on 10/3/08, Rating: -1
RE: Scary...
By jadeskye on 10/3/2008 10:49:09 PM , Rating: 2
you should brush up on your knowledge of porn stars =)

but doing so may spoil mario for you forever :p

RE: Scary...
By marsbound2024 on 10/6/2008 8:28:45 PM , Rating: 2
Well sadly I don't know who the guy is. The first thing that came to mind was Mario, so, voilĂ ! Maybe I am not old enough to know who he is. It's not like I watch anything from the 1970s anyways. :)

RE: Scary...
By amanojaku on 10/6/2008 8:41:02 PM , Rating: 2
You don't know RON JEREMY? The HEDGEHOG? Ok, so I'll pretend you've never seen a porno (Internet == Porn.) Where are you from, and when did they let you out?

RE: Scary...
By Boze on 10/8/2008 10:53:20 AM , Rating: 2
The Inter-net is for porn...
The Inter-net is for porn...

Why you think the net was born?

Porn! Porn! Porn!

RE: Scary...
By marsbound2024 on 10/23/2008 10:03:30 PM , Rating: 2
Avenue Q... lol

RE: Scary...
By Mels on 10/4/2008 12:12:40 AM , Rating: 2
That's the hedgehog... a legend.

RE: Scary...
By spread on 10/4/2008 4:31:07 PM , Rating: 2
Super Mario was created after parts of Ron Jeremy's life. On mushrooms.

"My sex life is pretty good" -- Steve Jobs' random musings during the 2010 D8 conference
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