Intel gains even more support for Viiv technology while we all wait to see what the big deal is

Intel's Viiv technology is gaining a lot of industry support and the list of backers just keeps growing and growing. Intel claims that Viiv technology leverages the power of dual-core processors and gives you the power to record pause and replay live TV, turn your living room into a powerful 7.1 home theater and share your digital content with friends and family. Come to think of it, I could probably do that with just about any PC if I had the right TV tuner.

For those of you who don't recall, Intel Viiv technology requires:

  • One of the following processors: Pentium D, Core Duo, Pentium Extreme Edition
  • One of the following chipsets: 975X, 955X, 945G, 945P, 945GT, 945GM
  • Windows XP Media Center Edition

While all this is well and good and Intel has a long line of supporters waiting to offer their content for use with Viiv, we still aren't quite sure what exactly we'll be getting for all of their efforts. Press releases have come from companies like Adobe and MTV with no real substance as to what exactly each will be offering. Some of the big boys who have signed up for Viiv include:

  • AOL
  • DirectTV
  • Google
  • ESPN
  • Yahoo!

MTV's announcement simply states that they are "optimizing" their various networks for use on the Viiv platform. Intel nor MTV really elaborate as to what exactly Viiv achieves that other platforms can't or even so much as to what dedicated features would be available to Viiv-enabled PCs.

AOL simply states that they've partnered up to offer distributed entertainment through the use of Intel's Viiv technology.

Viiv technology is being hyped up to be the next big thing in Intel's new "Leap Ahead" strategy, but many of us are still wondering just what the heck is so important about Viiv. I'm sure that Intel hopes to achieve with digital entertainment what it did for notebooks with the Centrino campaign, but for now I'm just not buying it.

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