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3D camera and Sense 6.0 are onboard, camera app crashes make a troubling return

Taiwan's HTC Corp. (TPE:2498) is down, but not quite out of the high-end smartphone market.  While it's refocusing on the mid-market amid sales woes, the Android device maker is reportedly preparing a refresh of last year's award-winning HTC One flagship smartphone.  The update has been referred to as "M8" or "HTC One Two" in various reports.
HTC announced a couple of mid-market Androids at the 2014 Mobile World Congress (MWC) last week, but failed to show off the anticipated successor to the HTC One.  But now we have an unofficial announcement, thanks to a fresh leak from a reviewer who got his hands on an M8 early.
The video offers fresh proof of previous leaks we've seen in picture form. Most notably it features twin cameras for capturing 3D video.

HTC One 8

The video was posted by Roshan Jamkatel -- or someone who hacked his publicly-hosted storage.  It showed up on "GadgetReviews", a YouTube channel, with text containing links to his Twitter and prank channel on YouTube.  Mr. Jamkatel claims that he was hacked and that the review was posted without his permission:

Whatever the case, the review is rather ambiguous and fails to discuss many important points (e.g. he says the screen is "really nice") while failing to say what the resolution is.  Among the device stats that do appear to be confirmed by the video:
  • A new slimmer metal unibody, with a shinier/darker brushed back finish
  • Capacitive touch buttons have been replaced with soft-buttons on screen.
  • Dual rear cameras
  • Sense 6.0 UI
  • New camera app

Overall what was shown looks good, but leaves some compelling questions. Basically it tells us nothing about the hardware upgrades.  Presumably the double cameras in the rear would be used to capture 3D video, but the reviewer in the video says he has no idea what the second camera does.

HTC One M8
The HTC One M8 (left) versus the HTC One (first gen.) (right)

A minor note -- I found it rather troubling that HTC's new camera app kept crashing. the reviewer claims this was because it was an early/developer build of Sense 6.0.
The reviewer says they expect the bugs to be worked out by launch time.  

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