Unlimited LTE customers gets a reprieve from Verizon Wireless

In late July, we first reported on Verizon Wireless’ plans to throttle its customers that remain on unlimited LTE contracts. More specifically, the company had plans to target customers that used more than 4.7GB of data within a billing cycle.
When the plans became public, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler came down hard on Verizon Wireless, writing, “It is disturbing to me that Verizon Wireless would base its 'network management' on distinctions among its customers' data plans, rather than on network architecture or technology.”
Kathleen Grillo, Verizon Wireless’ senior vice president of federal regulatory affairs, fired back by stating that data hogs are detrimental to network performance and “unlike subscribers on usage-based plans, they have no incentive not to do so during times of unusually high demand.”

Well, it appears that Verizon Wireless has now seen the light, or probably more correctly feared getting the smackdown from the FCC for pursuing its Network Optimization throttling campaign. The campaign was supposed to start today, but Verizon Wireless provided the following statement to The Verge, which signals its change of heart:
Verizon is committed to providing its customers with an unparalleled mobile network experience. At a time of ever-increasing mobile broadband data usage, we not only take pride in the way we manage our network resources, but also take seriously our responsibility to deliver exceptional mobile service to every customer. We've greatly valued the ongoing dialogue over the past several months concerning network optimization and we've decided not to move forward with the planned implementation of network optimization for 4G LTE customers on unlimited plans. Exceptional network service will always be our priority and we remain committed to working closely with industry stakeholders to manage broadband issues so that American consumers get the world-class mobile service they expect and value.
The move shouldn’t come as a shock to those that have witnessed wireless carriers falling all over themselves by offering “double data” promotions to customers. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and Sprint are offering up to 60GB/month of data to customers for as little as $130/month, yet Verizon Wireless was complaining about unlimited LTE customers using a mere 4.7GB/month or more.

Source: The Verge

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