500 Mbps uploads, 500 Mbps downloads are now a reality on FiOS

For existing Verizon FiOS customers (or those that are looking to adopt the service), there’s some good news to report this morning. Verizon has made significant upgrades to its network infrastructure and as a result, data upload speeds will now match existing download speeds.
This means that customers on the “lowly” 15 Mbps service will seen a 3x performance in upload speeds (up from 5 Mbps) while those on the range-topping 500 Mbps service will see their speeds boost by 5x (up from 100 Mbps).

Verizon cites Facebook/Shutterfly/Pinterest photo uploads, YouTube video uploads, and gamers as big motivators behind the symmetrical data speeds. And the company says that it wants to improve customer experience across the board, and that means providing these speed upgrades at no additional charge.
New FiOS customers will see the increased upload speeds upon activating their service, while existing customers will see their speeds upgraded “throughout the fall.”

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