VW E-Up! Concept
Tiny concept is only 3.19 meters long

VW has debuted a new concept car that it is calling the Beetle of the 21st century. The official name of the concept is the E-Up! and it is a zero emission electric vehicle that debuted at the IAA in Berlin. VW claims that the vehicle's lithium-ion battery pack weighs 500 pounds.

The relatively lightweight battery pack means that the complete vehicle weighs 2,387 pounds. The entire length of the tiny vehicle is 3.19 meters and the car is 1.64 meters wide and 1.47 meters high with a 2.19 meter wheelbase which makes the E-Up! the smallest VW ever produced.

The E-Up! has an odd 3+1 seat arrangement in which the passenger seat in the front is about five inches further forward than the driver's seat – that increases the legroom for the person behind the passenger seat.

On the roof of the concept is a 1.4 square meter solar panel that can add power to the battery pack as the car drives around and sits. If a slightly larger surface area is needed for charging there is also a solar panel on the sun visors that bring the total panel space to 1.7 square meters.

The electricity is used to power a smallish electric motor making 155-lb-ft of torque. The concept is about as far from a performance vehicle as you can get and its actual performance proves that. The car will hit 60 mph in about 11 seconds. The car has an all-electric driving range of 62 miles and is designed for city dwellers.

The vehicle is expected to go into production in 2013.

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