Dot pattern on Blu-ray Disc signals defect (Source: AVS Forum user "Venom5")
Copies of "The Prestige" on Blu-ray Disc suffer from manufacturing defect

A small group of Blu-ray Disc owners have discovered a manufacturing defect in the disc that renders the media virtually unplayable. As noted by members of the AVS Forum, the movie most commonly affected by the defect is The Prestige, from Buena Vista Home Entertainment (BVHE).

The defect is immediately visible to the naked eye and appears as a pattern of dots on the reflective surface of the disc. Users are reporting that the surface of the unplayable discs is still smooth to the touch, indicating that the defect is occurring beneath the top coating.

Other forum participants reported that their copies of Stranger Than Fiction, The Departed and Gone in 60 Seconds also suffer from the same defect.

Upon DailyTech’s inquiries to BVHE regarding a defective batch of The Prestige, a representative said that the company was not aware of any specific defects regarding its Blu-ray Disc titles.

A Sony Pictures Blu-ray Disc engineer was privy to more information, posting to the forum, “I did some checking on this issue and found out that this is an isolated case with a limited number of discs affected from one title. Apparently there was some sort of impurity that was mixed in with a batch of material used for this production run and it was [simply] a fluke. [Your] Blu-ray library is safe.”

Members of the forum who were affected by the flaw said that they received postage-paid envelopes from BVHE to return their discs. One had already received a response from BVHE that a replacement will be sent out as soon as possible.

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