Intel's most recent pricing of upcoming desktop processors
Intel has a few tweaks to the pricing structure for its next generation CPUs

Yesterday we brought you the details on AMD's AM2 processor pricing.  Today we have word from Intel insiders that some of the Conroe pricing has been released. 

The 2.67GHz Conroe CPU featured in the IDF benchmarks last month will have an official MSRP of $530 at launch.  The 2.6GHz AMD Athlon 64 FX processor used in those benchmarks costs a little over $1000 today, though AMD roadmaps have revealed this product will not get a price cut until June at the earliest.  AMD's top of the line DDR2 2.6GHz processor will ship for just under $700 at the end of Q2'06. 

The slightly slower 2.4GHz version will come with a $316 price tag.  Even slower versions with half of the L2 cache will start at $209.  As expected, Pentium D processors will take a huge price cut.  The Pentium D 950, available today for a mere $637, will drop to an incredible $241 at the time of the Conroe launch. 

Conroe still does not have an official launch date, but Intel employees have claimed Conroe will launch "as early in Q3 as humanly possible." 

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