Red Xbox 360 expected to be part of a Resident Evil 5 bundle

Microsoft has inadvertently confirmed the existence of the rumored red Xbox 360 elite in an official Halo Wars email sent to retailers and games press in New Zealand.

Last week, a Toys "R" Us employee sent Kotaku a snapshot of the store's inventory database which shows a red Xbox 360 Elite listed. The red Xbox 360's "item inquiry detail" lists the console’s price as $399 which is in sync with the current cost of a black Xbox 360 Elite. There is speculation that this red console could be part of a Resident Evil 5 bundle.

The email sent to New Zealand press and retailers was to announce a deal where anyone buying an Xbox 360 console would receive a free copy of Halo Wars. According to Microsoft, if you buy an Arcade, Pro or Elite model you will receive Halo Wars, but this deal does not apply to the Red Xbox 360 Elite console which is exclusive to EB games.

Microsoft wanted to clarify the rumored red Xbox 360 Elite would not apply for the Halo Wars deal, but announcing this point in an email had the side effect of confirming a red Xbox 360 Elite will be coming in the future.

Last month, Ars Technica's insider at Capcom reported Resident Evil 5, will be sold in a new Xbox 360 bundle. The bundle will allegedly include a copy of the game, a red Xbox 360, a red controller, an "exclusive" Resident Evil 5 NXE theme, and a download coupon for Xbox Live Arcade's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD.

Updated 2/24/2009
Engadget has posted new pictures of the Red Resident Evil 5 Xbox 360

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