Firefox gets an interim update

Mozilla's much loved Firefox 3.5 browser is set to make an appearance in its final form on June 30. Firefox 3.5 has been in development for quite some time with numerous beta and release candidate variants littering the internet over the past six months.

Mozilla is touting this interim release in the face of increased competition from the likes of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 and Opera 10. According to Mozilla, some of the new features included in Firefox 3.5 are:

  • A high-performance TraceMonkey JavaScript engine
  • An improved Gecko layout engine
  • Support fr Location Aware Browsing
  • Support for HTML5 (including HTML5 offline resources)
  • Various other stability and performance tweaks

According to Webmonkey, Firefox currently commands 20% to 25% of the browser market while Microsoft still leads the way with 65% to 75% market share. Mozilla is hoping that Firefox 3.5 will help to boost its browser share even further.

For those that simply can't wait until tomorrow to download the final version of Firefox 3.5, Release Candidate 3 can be downloaded directly from Mozilla's website.

Updated 6/30/2009
Mozilla just launched Firefox 3.5. You can download it here.

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