A 15-minute charge will be good enough for 8 hours of runtime

As we’ve detailed in a few articles over the past month, the Droid Turbo will be a Verizon Wireless-exclusive device that will pack in a humongous 3900 mAh battery. Two weeks from today, Motorola plans to launch its latest Droid smartphone in ages:
The above teaser was posted on Verizon Wireless’ website to get folks talking about the Droid Turbo.
In addition to the official reveal date, Phandroid was able to secure training manuals for the Droid Turbo which further confirm the device’s QHD display and that the rear cover is “reinforced with a layer of Kevlar” like previous Droid devices. The device is also water repellant, and can withstand rain and “everyday spills” for the accident-prone.
Other confirmed details include 32GB of internal storage and battery life that is rated at an amazing 48 hours per charge. And thanks to the included Motorola Turbo charger, an 8-hour charge can be achieved within 15-minutes with an [initially] empty battery.

One final tidbit of information is that the processor used in the Droid Turbo is clocked at 2.7GHz. This matches up nicely with the rumored including of the Snapdragon 805, which just so happens to top out at 2.7GHz per core.

Updated 10/19/2914 @ 9:21pm EST
"Retired" gadget info leaker Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, has posted these new images of the Droid Turbo:

Sources: Phandroid, Verizon Wireless

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