No more retail box Lite-On products

DigiTimes reports Lite-On is pulling out of the consumer market sectors. This includes all retail products sold under the Lite-On brand including optical disk drives and DVD recorders. This comes a few months after BenQ announced Lite-On would take over its optical storage product manufacturing.

Lite-On is stopping production of consumer retail products due to very low profits in Q3’2006. The outlook doesn’t look too good for this quarter either. Lite-On claims:

This quarter, Lite-On IT will continue amortizing losses from consumer ODDs, including those from returns of DVD recorders shipped through Wal-Mart, so the profitability will not significantly improve from last quarter, Liao noted.

Nevertheless, Lite-On will continue to produce products for OEM and ODM customers and is nearly finished moving BenQ optical disc drive production to its Guangzhou production facilities.

Update 10/30/2006: Lite-On has released a statement claiming that its decision to pull out of the consumer device market is only limitted to set-top devices. 

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