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Chevrolet Volt spied on the "Transformers 2" set.  (Source: Autoblog)

Shots of the Volt's interior leak onto the web

Everyone wants to talk about the Chevy Volt these days. General Motors' revolutionary new car is just a few years away, but details have been slowly leaking out to the public.

A few weeks ago, GM revealed some teaser exterior shots of the Volt. While they didn't provide much insight into the overall final design of the vehicle, they at least gave an idea of what the front light cluster/grill will look like on the production vehicle along with its softer lines -- a break from the sharp angles of the concept vehicle.

Today, however, it appears that an interior shot of the Volt was leaked online. If the shots are indeed of the production Volt, it's quite a departure from the traditional center stack we are used to seeing in modern vehicles. The center stack is almost iPod-esque with flush, touch-sensitive buttons within a shiny white housing. HVAC and audio controls are all housed within the white center cluster.

The main cluster is topped by a flip-up LCD display which shows powertrain/battery status. In the end, the interior -- or rather, what we can see of it -- looks to be high-tech without going completely space age like the Toyota Prius or Honda Civic Hybrid.

And if the shots of the interior weren’t enough, has now posted pictures of the Volt from just about every angle. The vehicle was spotted on the set of “Transformers 2” and was quickly caught by spy cameras. While the exterior images are quite blurry, it’s very easy to make out the shape of what is most likely GM’s most significant vehicle to come to the market in years.

The Chevy Volt can travel 40 miles on battery power alone thanks to its large lithium-ion battery pack. Once the battery level drops below a pre-determined level, a gasoline engine takes over to charge the batteries and keep the vehicle moving. The Volt can also be plugged into a household outlet for overnight charging.

Updated 8/29/2008
Here's a video of the Volt in motion on the set of "Transformers 2".

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