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iPhone 3G S
Anand Shimpi gets the scoop on the iPhone 3G S' upgraded processor and GPU

On Monday, Apple unveiled its next generation iPhone to the world. The iPhone 3G S placed a big emphasis on speed which is witnessed by the "S" moniker.

According to Apple presentation on the iPhone 3G S, overall system performance has been greatly improved. In fact, Apple's on projections note that launching the is 2.1x faster, loading SimCity is 2.4x faster, view an Excel attachment completes 3.6x faster, and loading the NY Times website is 2.9x faster.

Despite these claims, Apple didn't give out any details on the hardware changes made underneath to make these performance gains possible. AnandTech, however, has managed to pull all of its moles together to get the lowdown on the iPhone 3G S' innards.

According to Anand Shimpi, the iPhone 3G S uses a 32-bit ARM Cortex A8 RISC processor -- the same used in Palm's headline-grabbing Pre. Unlike the 412 MHz ARM11 processor used in the original iPhone and iPhone 3G which is a single-issue in-order design, the Cortex A8 is a two-issue order design with a longer, 13 stage pipeline. The Cortex A8 also has a beefed up SIMD engine called NEON and more robust FPU performance.

Shimpi speculates that the Cortex A8 used in the iPhone 3G S is running at around 600 MHz.

In addition to the new processor, the iPhone 3G S is also sporting a greatly improved graphics unit in the form of the PowerVR SGX, specifically, the PowerVR SGX 520. According to Shimpi, "In its lowest end configuration with only one USSE pipe running at 200MHz, the SGX can push through 7M triangles per second and render 250M pixels per second." He continues, "That’s 7x the geometry throughput of the iPhone 3G and 2.5x the fill rate."

As we get closer to the launch of the iPhone 3G S, and surely once the device is actually launched, we'll get further details on all of the upgraded components within the device.

While most of the emphasis has been on the speed improvements, the iPhone 3G S does have some other new features to bring to the table including Voice Control, a digital compass, 7.2Mbps cellular data transfer speeds, a new 3.0MP camera with video recording capabilities, a new 32GB range topping model, and improved battery life.

Updated 6/10/2009
T-Mobile Netherlands has confirmed that the processor used on the iPhone 3G S is indeed 600 MHz and that system RAM has been doubled to 256MB.

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Has there been any iPod touch update?
By Smilin on 6/10/2009 10:24:32 AM , Rating: 2
32GB at the high end isn't very impressive once you combine apps, music, and movies into the same storage.

Did they announce anything larger related to the iPod touch?

Also that $99 phone is an 8GB right? What's the 32GB (or higher) going at?

RE: Has there been any iPod touch update?
By Brandon Hill on 6/10/2009 10:30:12 AM , Rating: 4
1) New iPods are announced in the fall. You can bet your butt that they will announce a new iPod touch using iPhone 3G S hardware and top out at at least 64GB.

2) The $99 iPhone is the current 8GB iPhone 3G. The current 16GB iPhone 3G is priced at $149 while supplies last.

3) The 32GB iPhone 3G S is going for $299 to new subscribers and current subscribers that qualify for the upgraded price. If you don't quality for the $299 price, you will pay $499 or $699 depending how far along you are with your current contract.

RE: Has there been any iPod touch update?
By Smilin on 6/10/2009 11:32:35 AM , Rating: 2
Ah cool. Thanks for doing the binging for us.

The 32GB sounds more expensive than I was expecting but it's still not far out of line with other smartphones.

I'm considering a Zune HD in the fall. We'll see what the capacity on it turns out to be.

RE: Has there been any iPod touch update?
By Mojo the Monkey on 6/10/2009 2:47:04 PM , Rating: 5
Thanks for doing the binging for us.

I'm considering a Zune HD in the fall.

Planted! ;)

RE: Has there been any iPod touch update?
By jherc30 on 6/10/2009 2:54:51 PM , Rating: 3
exactly. Bing and Zune in the same post? Come on Bill we know it's you.

By Mojo the Monkey on 6/10/2009 3:40:56 PM , Rating: 2
Its no problem, I'm sure he's too busy controlling his Flight Simulator X for xbox360 with his Natal camera. I'll shoot him an email with my MSN account through Outlook later on Azure after I finish adding new songs to my SYNC car system.

RE: Has there been any iPod touch update?
By aharris on 6/10/2009 3:29:39 PM , Rating: 2
Please god don't use that catch-phrase.

Something about just doesn't sit right.

By Josh7289 on 6/11/2009 12:36:02 PM , Rating: 2
Seriously... I've never even heard anyone use Bing as a verb before... ugh, Bing hasn't nearly reached the widespread usage it needs to become a verb to replace 'to google'.

By msheredy on 6/10/2009 1:59:59 PM , Rating: 2
You forgot to mention that the new 16GB 3Gs will be priced at $199

By callmeroy on 6/11/2009 8:40:08 AM , Rating: 2
If you don't quality for the $299 price, you will pay $499 or $699 depending how far along you are with your current contract.

Holy mother of God, $700! $700 is what some folks may/will be paying for a "phone"? ..........

And to think I feel guilty for dropping $600 to upgrade my computer when I really need two new windows in my condo replaced.....

That's just insane for real --- $700 ($500 was crazy enough btw)....

Too bad...
By acase on 6/10/2009 10:26:05 AM , Rating: 2
Too bad AT&T isn't going to be able to handle the speed...;jsessionid=UYX...

RE: Too bad...
By invidious on 6/10/09, Rating: 0
RE: Too bad...
By FITCamaro on 6/10/2009 10:59:05 AM , Rating: 2
Yes but Apple did themselves tout faster data rates based off AT&Ts pledge to increase speeds.

RE: Too bad...
By nvalhalla on 6/10/2009 11:15:27 AM , Rating: 2
The article clearly mentions the ability for "7.2Mbps cellular data transfer speeds", which is what he was referencing. AT&T is upgrading to allow up to 7.2Mbps, but they won't be ready with that until next year. He was expressing disappointment with AT&T's inability to provide the speed that the new iPhone is capable of.

RE: Too bad...
By acase on 6/10/2009 11:26:00 AM , Rating: 2
Thanks, now I don;t even have to defend myself, lol.

RE: Too bad...
By The0ne on 6/10/2009 1:32:07 PM , Rating: 2
Nope, they won't. It's a great marketing feature though...for the vast majority of consumers who don't know any better or fail to do some research. I mean, they're probably going to be receiving a lot of Wal-Mart shoppers soon.

I wonder..
By omnicronx on 6/10/2009 11:07:03 AM , Rating: 2
Will cross device support be a requirement for submitted apps? If the 3GS is really as fast as they say it is, for any cpu/gpu intensive application, programmers will have to keep older devices in mind.

I know Windows Mobile developers are going to have this problem when their app store is released with 6.5. Hardware varies so much from device to device, and don't get me started on the crappy 2d/3d video drivers that every single manufacturer seems to release.

Apple really has the advantage here, MS is going to have trouble until WM7 devices are released, which has some pretty strict hardware requirements. BB seems to be in the same boat, they want to have an App store for all devices which dramatically differ in hardware.

This is the reason that iPhone apps and their SDK is so good, when the hardware is pretty much the same across all devices, it really gives you an advantage in terms of what you you can focus on. For example, making use of GPS is easy as pie with the iphone, not so much for WinMo.

RE: I wonder..
By Pirks on 6/10/2009 6:25:27 PM , Rating: 1
This is the reason that iPhone apps and their SDK is so good, when the hardware is pretty much the same across all devices, it really gives you an advantage in terms of what you you can focus on
Same is true for a Mac.

TI Chip
By glitchc on 6/10/2009 10:22:29 AM , Rating: 2
Based on the description, the chip sounds eerily similar to TI's SOI architecture OMAP 3530. It's the heart of the popular Beagleboard. Can anyone confirm if this is the case?

If so, it should be possible to install a jailbroken IPhone OS on the Beagleboard. And that would be awesome.

By sapiens74 on 6/10/2009 2:38:52 PM , Rating: 2
When are we going to get something besides Windows 98 on a phone?

no flash?
By michaelklachko on 6/11/2009 6:15:32 AM , Rating: 2
still no flash support?

what's the reason?

This articale is useless.
By icanhascpu on 6/10/09, Rating: -1
RE: This articale is useless.
By omnicronx on 6/10/2009 12:05:49 PM , Rating: 2
YA!, Its not like the two sites have an affiliation!

oh wait..

RE: This articale is useless.
By danrien on 6/10/2009 4:52:06 PM , Rating: 2
lol this post is totally worth reading! apparently dailytech has become too big :D. Nobody remembers the days when it was the news portion of anandtech :).

"Well, there may be a reason why they call them 'Mac' trucks! Windows machines will not be trucks." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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