"Barcelona" in 2007

AMD today demonstrated its quad-core Barcelona Opteron processors. The demonstration was shown on a quad quad-core system for a total of 16 cores. AMD touts its upcoming Barcelona Opteron quad-core processors as the world’s first native quad-core design. The native quad-core design packs four cores on a single die instead of Intel’s method of putting two dual-core dice on a single package.

Upgradability will be a key point in AMD’s quad-core strategy. AMD claims the upgrade from dual-core Opteron processors to quad-core processors is relatively straightforward. All that’s needed to plop a quad-core Barcelona processor in existing Socket F Opteron systems is a BIOS update—similar to Intel’s quad-core Clovertown upgradeability approach.

Interestingly enough AMD claims quad-core processors will have the same thermal and electrical envelope as its dual-core Opteron processors for greater performance-per-watt. The upcoming Barcelona core will be similar to AMD's upcoming Stars core processors for desktops which launches near the same timeframe.

AMD expects to deliver quad-core Barcelona processors beginning in mid-2007 for two to eight-way servers and workstations.

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