A Google spokeswoman has confirmed that the upcoming “Google Event” this October 4th at 9 a.m. in San Francisco could be one the most exciting product launches ever. In order keep fans in the loop, Google has setup a link for email notifications on their October Spectacular.


Google has now given us something new to love on Oct. 4. Get in the know at
When you go to this link, it displays an outline of a phone which displays random photos.  In my mind, this definitely an in-your-face subliminal suggestion that we will be seeing new phones on October 4th.
Until Google actually announces the names for the new devices, there is still room for speculation. That fact that Google already offers a Pixel C tablet and a Pixel Chromebook, lends support to leaks of a Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone.
The “Pixel and Pixel XL may be made by HTC and have a price point of $650 and $850 respectively. Android Police reports the available colors to be aluminum, black and bright blue.

Photo Source: Android Community

Photo Source: Phone Bunch
Another product hopeful on October 4th is the Google Home smart speaker.  This device is clear challenger to Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Siri Speaker.
Everyone should know about Google’s “OK Google” virtual assistant, so it is only elementary that Google Home will be housed in the smart speaker. As with all devices of this nature, buyers should be able to get answers to questions, control lights and appliances and play music by voice commands.  Price point is speculated at $129.99 competitively.

Photo Source: Google

Google Chromecast is expected to get an upgrade.  This second-gen Chromecast dongle is reported to support 4K Ultra HD video and HDR, have faster Wi-Fi and cost $35. The color options for the Chromecast are said to be Lemonade, Black, and Salmon.

Photo Source: hdreport
Google’s new Daydream VR headset is sure to be a crowd pleaser.  If you have tried Google Cardboard, this headset promises to be more superior in every way.  You inset your phone as with Cardboard, and you have a head band to hold Daydream securely in place.  Google has made a huge investment in content for the Daydream so we should see a good selection of high quality VR games and movies.

Photo Source: Google

According to a tweet by reliable leaker Evan Blass, Google will be releasing a new “Huawei-built 7-inch tablet, with 4GB RAM” by year end.  This tablet could be called the Huawei 7P based on the fact that Huawei took out a trademark on “Huawei 7P” earlier this year. Still waiting for more details.

Photo Source: Unbox
The wait continues.

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