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There may be more Wiis than ever, but that doesn't mean that they'll be easy to find

During last year’s couple of new console launches, few guessed that Nintendo’s system would become popular as it did. Even after almost a year since launch, excitement for the Wii remains high.

This holiday season will likely prove to be another hot one for Nintendo, which plans to ship “unprecedented” quantities of Wii consoles to retailers to help keep up with demand. 

During an interview with the San Jose Mercury News, Nintendo CEO Reggie Fils-Aime said that supplies of the Wii will be “substantially more than the launch, substantially more than has been seen to date.”

Even with more Wiis than ever, Fils-Aime could not promise that store shelves would remain constantly stocked with the console, saying, “given the level of demand and given the fact that the more we put in, the more we sell, it is still going to be difficult to get your hands on the Wii.” 

Both Sony and Microsoft cut the prices of their consoles in an effort to reawaken sales, but that is something that Nintendo does not yet have to consider. “In terms of our competitors, what we continue to see is that 360 and PS3 essentially trade share as they alternate on price reductions. But, really, none of that is impacting our business,” Fils-Aime said. 

Since launch, the Wii has topped the sales charts. NPD sales data from July showed the Wii selling 425,000 units, while the Xbox 360 sold 170,000 and the PS3 159,000. The Wii also became the fastest selling console in history in the UK, and according to several sources, Nintendo’s latest machine is now the worldwide leader for the generation.

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Congratulations Nintendo
By GTaudiophile on 9/18/2007 11:54:16 AM , Rating: 3
A year ago, many speculated that Nintendo's Wii would bomb and Micro$oft and $ony would laugh their butts to the bank. Haha! So much for gee-whiz-bang graphics, GPUs, and CPUs. Success is about something much more basic.

To this day, my local Best Buy here in DC cannot keep the Wii in stock. I have seen two boxes in the store in the past year, both being bought by lucky moms who happened to be there at the right time.

From what I have read, Nintendo achieved universal appeal with the thing. From the young kids to the eldery in retirement homes, from men to women, the Wii has exceeded all sales expectations.

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By headbox on 9/18/2007 12:01:39 PM , Rating: 2
Not a single store where I live can keep the wii in stock.

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By Kougar on 9/18/2007 1:08:26 PM , Rating: 2
No price clubs around there? Both the price clubs in this city seem to have a constant supply of Wii consoles now, they've had them for over a month that I've noticed. Costco also offers bundle packages with them as well in addition to just the consoles.

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By TomZ on 9/18/2007 12:23:30 PM , Rating: 2
I agree completely, and it is funny if you google articles that are 1-2 years old that talk about Nintendo's "big gamble" with the Wii, and you also come up with a lot of articles talking about how Nintendo will probably not be very successful launching a "low end" console. LOL.

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By FITCamaro on 9/18/2007 12:40:01 PM , Rating: 4
While I don't question the Wii's superiority in sales, as many even here have said, it is the least played console of the generation. People are picking them up because they're cheap and to play maybe one game. Then its weeks, if not months, before they touch it again.

I know if I bought one this would be the case. I'd buy it to play a game and then not touch it again until another game that caught my eye came out and I bought it. My 360 though I play at least a few days a week. Gears of War is always fun, the Call of Duty 4 beta rocks, I've got Forza 2 if I want it. Then there's always Halo 3 next week.

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By Sunrise089 on 9/18/2007 1:20:38 PM , Rating: 4
I suppose the stats don't lie, but I bet they're changing.

-Paper Mario
-Resident Evil Wii Edition
-Smash Bros

All will be available in a few months. PLUS there's the fact that the Wii is hands down the best console (or system of any form) for fun casual party-gaming - Warioware, Mario Party, Wii Sports, and a decent variety of third party games of similar format. For the gamer like myself who's moving into his mid-20s and doesn't have the time to play games on Live every night, the Wii gives a smattering of outstanding titles and the casual games to enjoy socially.

And of course as we all know, for competitive graphic-intensive online-MP-central games, there's always the PC.

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By Samus on 9/18/2007 4:17:21 PM , Rating: 2
BTW, the Metroid Corruption is unbelievably good. Although some elements ripped off from other FPS's, such as halflife and even halo, but it's really, really good so far.

By Shadowmaster625 on 9/18/2007 1:27:52 PM , Rating: 3
nothing wrong with that. Not everyone has the time to game more than a few hours a week.

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By Oregonian2 on 9/18/2007 1:29:31 PM , Rating: 2
Exactly! That's why people go for the cheaper system, they don't intend to play with it very much! Most people aren't "gamers"! Why spend PS3 prices for such infrequent use!

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By wallijonn on 9/18/2007 2:05:14 PM , Rating: 2
People are picking them up because they're cheap and to play maybe one game.

That is absolutely correct, people are very price conscious.

I would think that buying 4 GREAT games a year would be enough for any console, provided that the game can last a month or two of casual gaming. I basically buy about 4 PS2 games a year and if I had a 360 I would probably buy about 4 to 5 games a year. Anything else I can rent first. After all, why pay $60 for a 10 hour game? You might as well rent it instead. Parents can very plainly see that Wii games are about $10 less than MS or Sony. And what many want is for games to be kept being made for the PS2. I want more PS2 "Greatest Hits" to be re-released. It's all about price. You can get into a Wii for a little over $300, a 360 for about $400 or a PS3 for about $750. Price rules.

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By 3kliksphilip on 9/18/2007 12:45:05 PM , Rating: 3
I don't trust anybody that replaces S with $. Although otherwise I agree with what you're saying.

RE: Congratulations Nintendo
By golfjam on 9/18/2007 1:07:51 PM , Rating: 2
Part of the sucess of Wii is due to the fact that good games are being released every month. And I'll buy one when they release Super Mario.
I currently own a XBOX360 and I'm very happy with it. There's a number of good games already and with Halo 3 coming next week and I have no regrets so far.

Perfect PR
By TomZ on 9/18/2007 11:41:03 AM , Rating: 2
So the message from Nintendo is that supply will be tight - so buy early and often - but don't be discouraged, there will probably be enough for everyone - as long as you buy early. Oh yea, and forget about price cuts, deals, sales, etc., since supply is so tight.

What a great message to put out! Consumers get your credit cards ready!

RE: Perfect PR
By qrhetoric on 9/18/2007 11:48:44 AM , Rating: 2
Better than saying straight up, We can charge whatever we want, because it's the PS3, and people will pay anything to get their hands on it! (certainly better than saying that and being wrong)

RE: Perfect PR
By FITCamaro on 9/18/2007 12:43:06 PM , Rating: 2
Apple's philosophy is much the same.

"Introducing the iTurd. It doesn't matter what it really is. You'll buy it. So put on some gloves, come down to the store, and pick one up. Don't ask the price. Just hand us your credit card."

RE: Perfect PR
By Sunrise089 on 9/18/2007 1:23:22 PM , Rating: 3
Not true at all. (Note, I own zero apple products)

Their message is "Feel safe buying Apple. You may not understand the product 100%, but be assured that what you buy will have most of the latest features, a great UI, and be easy to use. It will also have the exact same price point as the last model, so you can plan ahead".

RE: Perfect PR
By Bluestealth on 9/19/2007 12:03:22 AM , Rating: 2
The same could not be said pre-X86 Apple days, some of their computers and especially their laptops were getting a little dated.

However nowadays as long you don't consider a two button touchpad/mouse a modern feature, it has all of them. Its petty, I know, but it still knocks Apple out of the running as far as computers go for me. Their "Jobs?" arrogance over buttons drives me and probably others away.

By TimberJon on 9/18/2007 10:53:45 AM , Rating: 2
Like darkpaw said, they will be rolling in it. It has gained itself a reputation that exceeds the other systems, and it is bought by women who are not avid gamers, which is a hard target! My wife would not buy a gamecube, an xbox, or a PS3. But they read a little on how other women use it for workouts and then they want in! Great marketing and great product strategy.

Also, I have not heard of any failing units though I know there must be some. I think a very minor issue of maintenance makes it that much more of a gravy boat.

I even remember reading that softdevs like Hideo Kojima had his eye on the wii. Interactive Metal Gear or similar? BRING IT ON!

By Gul Westfale on 9/18/2007 11:57:18 AM , Rating: 2
all together now:


By kinnoch on 9/18/2007 4:47:01 PM , Rating: 2
There were a few failing systems in the initial launch batch, but it appears those problems vanished.

Should be a very good xmas for Nintendo
By darkpaw on 9/18/2007 10:36:56 AM , Rating: 2
No matter what they do, Nintendo will be rolling in the green this holiday season. They'll sell every single Wii they produce, a million or so DSs, and tons of games. Damn thats a lot of cold, hard cash.

On a related note, for the first time since they launched I actually walked into a retail store that had Wiis in stock two weeks ago, and even then they only had 3 left out of the 25 they started the day with. If I hadn't already gotten one as a gift, I would have been happy to take one off their hands.

Now if only some better games would actually come out for it. Only another two and a half months for Smash bros /sigh.

By augiem on 9/18/2007 12:04:14 PM , Rating: 2
My theory is that the companies are behind on making games for the Wii because nobody expected it to be the next-gen leader. Everybody was busy developing 360 and PS3 games for the last few years, because that's just how long it takes to make a game these days. Now that the Wii is such a good seller, I'm sure the industry started retooling to meet the demand (as of approx 1 year ago when the numbers came in). We'll probably see a boatload of Wii announcements late this year and early next year as the dev cycle comes to an end.

Hope so
By Murst on 9/18/2007 11:01:10 AM , Rating: 4
Great! Hopefully this will focus even more software development for the Wii. All 3 current-gen consoles have a ton of exciting stuff happening this fall, which can only be good for all gamers, no matter what console you have.

ok, enough systems....
By das mod on 9/18/2007 12:39:25 PM , Rating: 2
how about also trying to keep up enough game supplies ...
is been nearly a year since the system was released, and not only it was hard to get my hands on a Wii, but on a few games as well.
Games such as Metal Slug Anthology have become nearly as difficult to find as the holy grail itself.

RE: ok, enough systems....
By Alexstarfire on 9/18/2007 3:11:35 PM , Rating: 2
Don't forget about the Wiimotes. I still can't find one around here. It's not like a I look THAT hard though. Walmart hasn't had any for a while and Gamestop doesn't have any either. I think I'll end up buying on online at this rate. Only thing that's put me off doing that is I don't have many multiplayer games ATM, but that's also because I only have 1 controller, so....

Yea, look at the games the Wii has coming real soon:

Super Mario Galaxy (Wii exclusive)
Super Smash Brothers Brawl (Wii exclusive)
Trauma Center: New Blood(Wii exclusive)
Fire Emblem: Radiate Dawn (Wii exclusive)
Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Wii Exclusive)
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Wii exclusive)
Guitar Hero III
Manhunt 2

All but the last two are Wii exclusives, and they are all slated to be absolutely amazing. I may not play Resident Evil myself, but I'd be kidding myself if I didn't think it was a huge franchise.

Wii will continue to pull ahead
By ChipDude on 9/18/2007 12:48:23 PM , Rating: 3
I can see the additional impact of the supply as our local bestbuy and gamestop both have stock. What is most interesting is they've had stock of PS3 for over a month in the case of BestBuy a pile on the floor. I see lots of grade schoolers will have a Happy Christmas!

Wii will end up 3:1 (to xbox360/PS3) in total volume by next year with their current sales pace, increased supply, and upcoming titles.

Will PS3 and xbox360 fail or falter? No, the die hards will still be buying as more games comeout but there is only one battle now, the one between xbox360 and PS3 for the hardcores. There are no loser here except MS and Sony expectations for billions in profts

I see you.
By Mitch101 on 9/18/2007 11:40:04 AM , Rating: 2
I got my Wii a few months back. Its been pretty easy every since to find a Wii around here in Charlotte, NC. Most stores like Best Buy around here have them. Not many and when they are out is seems within a few days there are more. Just need to stop in the store every couple of days and you will find 4-6 of them in the store. They are still selling well but they would have to ramp up production to keep up with the holiday season coming. 4-6 consoles a store wont cut it.

Now lets see an X-Box 360 with Internal HD-DVD drive for under 4 bills for x-mas. I have a buddy with a PS3 so if I have a Wii and get a Xbox 360 then we have all the gaming bases covered. Our PC's still rock too.

I was one of the few!
By Shadowmaster625 on 9/18/2007 1:24:39 PM , Rating: 2
I was banking on the wii a year ago. They better have a glut of consoles this christmas because they're cheap and they're making a healthy profit on each one. (unlike the m$ and sony) No reason for scarcity this time around.

Congrats to Nintendo
By VooDooAddict on 9/19/2007 11:21:02 AM , Rating: 2
I finally broke down and bought a 360 Elite after the price drop. The kicker was that I couldn't find a Wii before Metroid Prime 3 came out. For casual games I'm loving Xbox Live Arcade.

I still want the Wii for choice games... Zelda, Metroid, Warioware. I had wanted it for the party aspect, but that has since faded some as the desire was to introduce many new people to it... and most people have tried it at some point now.

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