Plan gives more money to DARPA among other things

One of the most common attacks against the U.S. and individual companies in the U.S. is the cyber attack. Cyber attacks can be perpetrated by hackers for monetary gain or they can be simply to cause disruption in basic systems with the U.S. such as electricity and telephone service.

The U.S. is taking a much harder look at cyber warfare and how it can affect the U.S. and how such attacks can be stopped. The DoD is set to release the unclassified version of its cyber war-fighting strategy this week. The strategy was finalized months ago and has multiple goals to thwart attacks. The plan calls for the treatment of cyberspace as a domain which the military needs to protect and defend U.S. interests inside.

Defense Secretary William Lund said, "To do that … a military organization needs some sort of command structure to organize, train and equip the forces."

Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Adm. Michael Mullen added, "The single biggest existential threat that's out there, I think, is cyber. I think we're going to have to focus a lot more on it." Mullen made the comment during a taping of this Week in Defense News. Part of the strategy is to increase spending to increase the number of cyber-aligned resources, which includes nearly $500 million to DARPA. Previously the U.S. had determined that cyberattacks could be considered an act of war.

Lynn also said, "In draft form, we've used that strategy to build a stronger program and budget."

Another part of the strategy wants the DoD to "to utilize our advantages in technology to maintain our military strength that's dependent on information technology," according to Lynn. He said, "In particular, over time, we're looking to change the balance between offense and defense in the Internet. Right now, the attacker has all the advantages and the defender is constantly playing catch up."

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