On Friday, a human-driven car hit an autonomous Uber car and flipped it on its side.

According to reports the human-driver failed to yield when turning left which resulted in the accident.

Photo Source: Bloomberg

Uber employee, Patrick Murphy, gave a police statement saying that the Volvo SUV was traveling 38 miles per hour. As the Uber car approached the intersection, another vehicle approached and made a left turn trying to beat the traffic light.  As a result, the Uber car was stuck, hit a pole and flipped on its side.

Eye witness accounts are back and forth as to whose fault it was for the accident.  There are many satistics that show that human drivers make mistakes while operating vehicles. As more autonomous vehicles hit the streets, we may well see more instances of human robot collisions.

Hopefully, these collisions may be few and far in between as developers find ways to make driving safe for all travelers.

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