The new Marine Corps Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle  (Source: Marine Corps Times)
Marines have high hopes for new EFVs, even if they've been met with criticism

The United States Marine Corps hopes to usher in a new era of multi-million dollar vehicles with its recent unveiling of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) earlier in the week.

Military officials expect the faster, more dynamic EFV will replace the USMC's older amphibious assault vehicles.  The EFV can travel more than 40 mph on land and 23 to 29 mph while in the water.  It also has a 30mm day/night weapons system and better design to pinpoint IEDs and RPGs, which is "vitally important," according to the 
Marine Corps Times.

Marines Corps Times site also has a video clip of the video in action. 

The new vehicles have more comfortable seats, air-conditioned cabin, and additional interior space for Marines. There are plans to test seven prototype EFVs at Camp Pendleton, with the USMC receiving all seven prototypes by October.  It's unknown how long testing will take, and when a final decision will be made.

The USMC has been anxious to receive the EFV for several years now, as the vehicle has undergone almost $1 billion in modifications to perfect its design.  Numerous errors and safety concerns forced the vehicle to be delayed from its original 2007 introduction date.

The USMC hopes to purchase as many as 573 vehicles, with scheduled tests beginning in the summer and finishing before the end of the year.  

It's interesting that the Pentagon continued its efforts to secure a new EFV, especially now that military spending is being closely monitored.  The Air Force, Navy, and Army are all re-evaluating programs that may not be necessary over the next 20 years -- and continued scrutiny is expected over the next few years.

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